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Making another stab at mule duty, and the Feed

Well we had another snafu for grocery shopping yesterday as Mrs. the Poet had to go with a friend to the vet when her friend’s cat had to be put down. This was a cat that we gave to the friend when he was just a tiny kitten full of mischief and kitten hijinks. He had some kind of kidney problems that developed about 4 years ago and got worse and worse. He passed a kidney stone a few days ago then started bleeding yesterday and the vet couldn’t stop the bleeding so he was going to be dead at the end of the day no matter what course of treatment our friend decided on. RIP Boots.

I have been getting lots of response to the contest from artists of varying degrees of fame and ability, and those attributes are only slightly linked. I have had some submissions that were from a well-established artist, but who could not work outside their established style and sent some really bad tattoos, and I have gotten stuff from unknown artists that looks really good. I have also gotten stuff from established artists that looks really good too, even way outside their established styles. Keep those submissions coming, you have through the end of May.

A cyclist is hit twice by cars in NYC. Cyclist killed after being struck twice and Bicyclist Struck Twice, Killed On New Utrecht Avenue At this time nobody knows exactly what happened but given that the first vehicle that struck the cyclist was on an intersecting road, and the second vehicle was going the opposite direction on the same road as the cyclist it seems highly likely that the first weapon vehicle was disregarding a traffic control ran a red light.

SF is still 100% in prosecuting cyclists that kill pedestrians. San Francisco Cyclist Must Stand Trial in Pedestrian’s Death In the meantime there were 20 pedestrians killed by motor vehicles in the same year with zero prosecution, more than 50 since the first cyclist killed a pedestrian with maybe 4 prosecutions for the drivers involved and no felony charges, more than a hundred since the turn of the century with less than 10% charged and almost none brought to trial. I’m not saying the cyclist shouldn’t have been tried, I’m saying a whole lot more driver should have been. Of the pedestrian deaths where charges have been brought only 2 deaths involved vehicle operators who were not impaired, the two cyclists.

From the UK a cyclist is hit by road junk off another vehicle. Cyclist injured by flying debris in Normandy Forty minutes waiting in line to get told to make a U-turn? And how big a piece/what kind of road junk could fly up from a car and send a cyclist to hospital? I had a piece of rebar break the crankshaft of my last car, so it’s not like I haven’t seen similar circumstances myself.

Infrastructure! news from L.A. A tax on bikes? Hit the road, some cyclists say As was pointed out in the article a tax based on the demands placed on the roads in terms of both space and wear by bicycles would not even be a rounding error in most road projects, and cyclists already pay disproportionately without another tax. But given that alternative fuels and electric cars are going to bypass the largest source of roads funding outside of the general fund, something needs to be done, and I have no qualms about an equitable share of the sourcing coming from bike owners. The key word in that sentence is “equitable” as cars use 10 or more times the space on the roads compared to bikes (you could easily get 6 bike lanes in the space required to have 2 lanes for cars, and put more bikes per lane), and cars chew up the roads at a rate at least 1000 times faster (a Smart car does 1100 times the damage as a moderately loaded cargo bike), so capital recovery (building bike lanes and paths) would be 1/10 of a similarly priced car and maintenance would be scant pennies compared to motor vehicle taxes. And if bikes are taxed then no more piddling stripes painted on existing roads with little or nothing else to show for it, we would need real bike facilities (see: Dutch cycling infrastructure). As I see it the existing roads would be just fine if it wasn’t for the cars making the roads so dangerous, Bike infrastructure is mostly to get bikes out of the way of cars in this country, not to improve bike safety. The fact that good bike lanes do both is a happy circumstance for traffic planners. But good bike lanes are crappy design by Dutch standards, so there you go.

Infrastructure in MI. Michigan To Wisconsin Trail, Proposed 924-Mile Bike and Hiking Route, Moves Forward There is a significant section of the proposed trail that is currently closed to bikes, a bike trail that is closed to bikes? Are changes planned for those existing portions of the trail?

Infrastructure in Israel. Nir Ben Natan exclusively invited to imagine bicycle bridge for Givat Shumel, Israel The bridge would allow cyclists to cross the busy highway where it enters the town, I’m assuming because there isn’t anything in the way of bikeable infrastructure outside of town.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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