Another Bean Day, and another Feed

Yep, making beans and rice in the slow cooker again, with the levels of spice that somehow manage to be too hot for Mrs. the Poet and nearly undetectable by everyone else 😉 I like this little exercise every week, where I take a few cents’ worth of ingredients and make a nutritious meal out of them, even if it is pretty much the same thing every week. As I have stated before the only way I ever get this particular meal is to make it myself, which I really don’t understand. It’s not like this is a difficult dish to make, it’s 2 cups of mixed beans and 10 cups of water in the slow cooker for about 4 hours and then add 1 cup of brown rice and the spices for another 2 hours so that the rice is completely cooked and everything is uniformly spiced. The only major commitment is the time to put the ingredients in the pot and add the rice at the right time. For Mrs. the Poet this dish could only be cooked by her on the weekend, for me since I work at home it isn’t a problem to start cooking at 1100 to serve at 1800, and on Mondays Mrs. the Poet has a commitment to clean the church after work, which makes Mondays my day to cook and I make the dish that no one else likes to cook that I love to eat. There is something Zen in that, but I’m not sure what or where it is.

Up first practically in my back yard a woman is killed by (with) a truck. Woman Cyclist Killed in Collision With Truck I’m still trying to figure this one out as the cyclist was riding on the shoulder and was hit from behind after moving a little to the left presumably still on the shoulder or the very right edge of the travel lane. Hit-from-behind protocol to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent. Although since this happened in the largest city in the US (maybe even the world) to not have public transit of any kind I’m thinking any transportation infrastructure that dies not involve consuming large amounts of fossil fuels is doomed. More Woman struck and killed while riding bicycle in West Arlington

A CA cyclist is hit-and-run and somehow avoids making the MSM news. Downtown Hit & Run Driver Busted The driver was in illegal possession of a deadly weapon as he had no license but I don’t think the DA will think of charging him like that. Given the number of times the driver changed direction immediately before the wreck with the cyclist (in the bike lane) there was no way for a human cyclist to avoid the wreck, and other than something that would prevent people without licenses from retaining control over a motor vehicle after a license is revoked, or preventing them from buying a motor vehicle prior to getting a license, I don’t see how infrastructure could have prevented this wreck either. What would have prevented this wreck would be laws that required people without licenses to relinquish their motor vehicles for the duration of the revocation, either by impounding them or by requiring a forced sale. Without the car there would have been no wrecks.

Another cyclist dies after getting hit by a train. Cyclist hit, killed by Light Rail in Sacramento No information about the wreck given, but how hard is it to not get hit by a train? Trains run only on railroad tracks, are usually noisy (horns and bells), and in this case are brightly colored. Just stay off the tracks when trains are coming and you won’t get killed.

A MN cyclist is hit by an extremely drunk driver. Rochester man arrested for DUI after allegedly hitting woman on bike At the level of BAC% “preliminary breath test indicated an alcohol content of .173” the fact that the driver was able to get into the car and operate the ignition indicates the driver is alcoholic and has driven while impaired many, many times. Hit-from-behind protocols might have enabled the cyclist to avoid serious injury, but as in the previous paragraph the only way to prevent a wreck like this is to deny habitual drunks and others with revoked licenses access to motor vehicles.

Good news from CO as a killer driver is found guilty, even though they weren’t allowed to bring up the 3 other cyclists this one driver has assaulted with a motor vehicle in the last 5 years. Boulder County jury: Christopher Loven guilty of careless driving resulting in death Now if they can just ban him from owning a motor vehicle ever again… More Dump-truck driver convicted of hitting, killing Boulder bicyclist

Also in CO a salmon cyclist is hit-and-run. Bicyclist killed, driver arrested in Thornton I have several problems with this report, first and foremost being how they knew the cyclist was riding salmon. But if the report is accurate, the way to avoid this wreck would be to ride on the right side of the road and not run red lights, to prevent get the infrastructure right.

An AZ cyclist is hit-and-run twice in quick succession. Bicyclist killed after 2 car hit-and-run The picture show an impact point that is consistent with a cyclist hit from behind while riding in the right wheel track. I don’t know why LEO had him as “crossing” the road mid-block when there is nothing pointing that way. If I could see the wrecked bike I could say for sure which way he was going when he was hit the first time. Since I don’t know for sure what happened from the report, I can’t say for sure how to avoid the first wreck. Obviously there was no way for the cyclist to avoid the second wreck.

A cyclist is injured in the Great White North. Cyclist critically injured in west-end car crash and Cyclist critically injured in Bloor Street crash Assuming the report in the second link is accurate, the cyclist failed to yield to oncoming traffic when turning. Since I have seen this in all kinds of vehicles I feel safe in saying that intersection protocols would have helped avoid this wreck, and getting the infrastructure right, including the bike lanes that used to be on Bloor, would have prevented the wreck. I blame Rob Ford for this wreck… 😛

Another cyclist hit on Bloor St. Cyclist injured in downtown hit-and-run Be on the lookout for a vehicle with front end damage and a peeling Rob Ford for Mayor bumper sticker (J/K).

A drunk driver in Brazil drives off with the cyclist’s severed arm in his car. Brazil outrage over Sao Paulo cyclist’s lost arm The cyclist looks to survive but all hope of reattaching the arm is lost even if they manage to find the arm. This is another driver that needs to watch his car recycled from the behind the steering wheel…

A taxi driver in the UK driving in the bus/bike lane and running a red light hit-and-runs after hitting a cyclist in a crosswalk, AKA winning the trifecta. Driver ‘killed 17-year-old cyclist on pedestrian crossing after running red light’ Ugh! there is so much wrong with this I can’t even begin. No way for a human cyclist to avoid and the driver was driving on the bike infrastructure trying to get someplace faster than the actual roads would allow.

From the Florida of the Antipodes, Enn Zed, another hit-and-run. Hit-and-run leaves cyclist injured The cyclist got a broken leg but survived because he had a plastic hat on? Please, spare me. BTW infrastructure to prevent a similar wreck.

When it comes to road safety bicycles count for nothing in Wyoming, literally. WDOT doesn’t count bicycle fatalities That’s right, unless you get killed by getting run over be a car or truck your death means literally nothing in WY if you’re riding a bicycle when you die.

Another viewpoint of how to get more women to ride. How To Get More Women Into Cycling It isn’t “put more pink on it”, is it? Nope, “more pink” does not enter into it at all, not every woman even likes pink.

I’m not sure if I should classify this as infrastructure or what. GUEST OPINION: Why I’m no longer a cyclist “Y’all are crazy behind the wheel and I don’t want to die” is as good a reason to quit as any, but it’s sort of like letting the terrorists win.

Last link, I wish I could have been this magnanimous after my hit-and-run. Man turns to YouTube after hit-and-run I suspect that I would have hugged the driver that hit me around his neck until he passed on, had he not passed on as a result of his bad judgement first.

And those are all the links that gave me fits Monday (because it’s Tuesday now).

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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