It’s morning already!? and the Feed

It feels like I just shut down this computer and now I’m up and posting already. I didn’t even get to read all my comics yesterday (that I used to decompress from all the ugly things I read (some of which are not suitable for this venue)) so I did not sleep well last night. I also forgot to mention that I was not the only one sheared at the Sunday service, there were actually two people who left with cold ears (or more, I thought my face was going to freeze and it was only 48 on the way home). Part of the difficulty yesterday was the links came in faster than I could filter them, and I ended up discarding about 2/3 of the links as not fit for this blog. That means if you look at yesterday’s blog post, and double the number of links, that was what I read and didn’t use. Besides the sheer time required to get all those links loaded, there was also the time to read them (most only required a quick skim to determine subject matter) then decide if it required further reading and then deep thought. When I use a link it normally takes about a half hour to read and look at the pictures and really absorb the information for putting it in this blog, like in that double hit-and-run in AZ I had to zoom in on the details of the picture of the weapon vehicle they found to say the “crossing cyclist” story was suspect. That link took more than an hour to investigate and link. But some days are like that, they have lots of small details that have to be examined slowly and take lots of time, with yesterday being a rather good example of a bad day.

Up first is yet another link to the woman killed in Arlington at the beginning of the week. Cyclist killed in Arlington identified Since none of the investigators rides any kind of bike they don’t see why the cyclist left the shoulder to ride on the edge of the travel lane, and since they don’t know the cyclist’s intended route they don’t know if she was preparing to make a left turn shortly, either. Hit-from-behind protocols, with emphasis on rear-view mirrors to avoid and fix the fershlugginer infrastructure to prevent.

Another link to the salmon cyclist death in CO. Bicyclist at fault in fatal collision; police release man who drove away afterward I still find the driver’s story suspect, but I am not the one with access to all the information about the wreck. The driver claimed to have never seen the cyclist even when he hit him and thought the noise he heard was ice falling from a truck in front of him hitting his vehicle.

A SF cyclist “wins” the door prize when a driver pulls into a bike lane to park directly in front of a cyclist and then opens the door as she passes. Video: Geico (Partially) Blames This Cyclist for Getting Doored In CA a door prize is 100% the fault of the driver for opening a door into traffic (including bicycles) or leaving the door open too long, but the insurance tried to make this cyclist part of the problem instead of 100% the victim.

From the UK a report on the number of door prizes “won” every year. Almost 600 cyclists a year injured after being knocked off by open car doors What I find telling is that when I opened the comments for this article the first 9 blamed the cyclists for being in the roads, not the driver that opened the car door illegally in front of the cyclist.

Even pro and former pro cyclists are not immune to the left cross as Laurent Jalabert demonstrates. Cyclist Jalabert injured in crash and Former Cyclist Jalabert Seriously Injured In Road Accident Seriously, the good thing from this is that French LEO take crimes like these seriously and don’t automatically blame the cyclist for having his right of way violated. While French cycling infrastructure is not the best it’s still pretty damn good, but inattentive drivers are still going to be the bane of existence until cars are second and cycling infrastructure takes priority over motor vehicles.

Infrastructure! as NYPD finally gets it through their collectively thick skulls that wrecks are not “accidents”, that they are the result of somebody’s neglect, carelessness, or malice. It’s No ‘Accident’: NYPD Changes the Way It Talks About Traffic Deaths Now if they can just do something about “No criminality suspected” sometimes less than an hour after someone gets run down on the sidewalk…

A reminder that some things are why we fight to make cycling safe. Enter The Deuce, Part V

And those are all the links that gave me fits and that I could use with this blog, today.

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One response to “It’s morning already!? and the Feed

  1. I’m surprised you engaged the trolls on this Arlington one. Missing are details such as debris or shoulder problems, did the lady look or signal, or maybe she WAS planning to make a left turn from the right shoulder. And we both could come up with a dozen more questions, like why was the motorist driving in such a way that he was unable to respond to a maneuver that is not rare, or maybe he was texting. Sadly, we shall never know since the police covered it all up by calling it an accident. All I can say is it is good that the NTSA does not investigate aircraft incidents in such a way.


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