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Another kind of Mule Duty, and the Feed

Mrs. the Poet is off from her work removing the flavor from children’s food as this is Spring Break at her school, so we have been Doing Things around the house. Today’s “thing” is washing the comforter and mattress pad from our queen-sized bed. Our washing machine is not large enough to handle a queen-sized comforter, and neither is the dryer. I think you see where this is heading, to the local laundromat. I can just about fit the comforter or the mattress pad into the ALICE ruck, and it is 0.58 miles to the laundromat, so I help Mrs. the Poet to the laundromat while I carry either the pad or the comforter, ride home empty, get whatever I didn’t take the first time and go back to the laundromat while Mrs. the Poet starts the first item washing, get the second item washing then the first drying, when the first item gets dry take it home while the second dries, dump the first item on the bed then go back to the laundromat to get the second item and Mrs. the Poet. Then early dinner, and off to meditation class (I am a backup teacher for the ADD and ADHD people). I have a daily meditation practice that I do, and the world is safer for it.

Up first a cyclist is hit from behind on a clear day in broad daylight. Campbell: Bicyclist struck and killed on San Tomas Expressway, driver detained and Bicyclist Killed on San Tomas Expressway AFAIK at this time the cyclist was JRA on the shoulder of the road when the driver drifted into the shoulder and nailed him from behind… And as I was creating this the second link updated with witness reports that the cyclist was hit “a couple feet” over in the shoulder/bike lane, with the driver making a “sudden swerve” to the right just as she got to the cyclist. If that is the case then there was nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck, and only segregated infrastructure with a barrier big enough to stop a car would have prevented it. I guess we have a new acronym MWHD (pronounced “mud”) for Multiple Witness Homicidal Driver.

From MO a woman that killed a cyclist gets a slap on the wrist. Kirkwood woman who killed cyclist in drunk driving crash gets 3 years That headline is misleading, she actually got 1 year with an option for 2 more if she really screws up in prison. Given the amount of alcohol in her system this could not have been her first time driving drunk, because she should have been nearly comatose.

And from the state that has been the most deadliest to walk or ride a bicycle in the US for 8 years running (pending release of the 2012 data) a partial explanation why. Woman who hit and killed a cyclist on Sanibel pleads guilty to pill fraud This woman actually got a harsher sentence for buying pills than she got for killing a cyclist with those pills in her system.

Infrastructure! news from the next town to the south. The New Jefferson Viaduct Cycletrack The only problems I see are getting on and off the cycletrack from the shared lanes at the ends of the bridge. That looks a little dicey for an 8YO to figure out.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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