Daily Archives: March 14, 2013

Running super late, and the Feed

I had another visit to the Lab Rat Keeper today (with no breakfast until after the visit was over, blood tests again), then a massage on the way home. Most of the day was actually spent riding some kind of transit, or waiting for transit to show up. And the worst part was the massage was not very good, either. It wasn’t bad (nothing was worse after the massage), but it just didn’t fix much except for one small section, that has been bothering me lately. That’s fixed. not that with everything else still tied up in knots I can do anything with what’s no longer tied up in knots.

And all I have in the Feed are multiple links to the same story of a UT man that was hit when he crossed under the guard arms blocking a railroad crossing. Utah cyclist killed by second of two passing TRAX trains and Cyclist killed by TRAX train identified also Cyclist killed in TRAX accident near 4000 S. At this point it looks like the cyclist went under the crossing guard arms after the first train passed, which was blocking his view of the second train that hit him. I have lost track (no pun intended) of how many times I have posted here that trains are the easiest vehicles in the world to avoid getting hit by one. Just don’t be on the tracks when the train is coming. If the guard arms are down and the signal lights are flashing then there is a very strong possibility that there will be a train on that track very soon, like now. Unless you can see that the tracks are empty for a considerable distance, not just in front of you, then you don’t need to cross the track with the arms down. And by “considerable distance” I mean something on the order of a quarter to half a mile, or 15 to 30 seconds if the train is moving @60MPH. Most crossing systems will be up at that distance/time separation.

And that’s all I had today, except for the UK links that didn’t link to anything I can use to help y’all.

Billed @$0.02, Opus