Sharing of the Green on a Wreck-Free Sunday

Today is the day we celebrate the cultural genocide of Ireland at the hands of the early Christian church as Patrick “Chased the Snakes” out of Ireland. There have never been snakes in Ireland since the last ice age, the “snakes” that are talked about in the legend are the dragon tattoos on the arms of the Druid priests. What Patrick did was convert as many people by persuasion as possible and killed the priests so that there would be no competition after the current generation died out. That we know this is because while most of the priests were killed enough survived to pass the stories about the events down and to keep the religion alive. But now we remember this by eating corned beef and drinking green beer. In Ireland they celebrate in a more somber manner as befits the memorial of a holocaust.

The day race of the Cup series from Bristol is on the tube, with Jeff Gordon blowing the right front tire and taking out Matt Kenseth when they were running 1 and 2. I have been having a minor allergy attack and I’m feeling a bit out of it, so I’m having a little lie down after taking a allergy pill. My ability to concentrate is pretty much out the window at this time so I’m cutting this off early. I keep having to go back and fix random capital letters an other typos.

PSA, Opus


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