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This post may be interrupted, and the Feed

Mrs. the Poet has decided that I am an asset for her part-time job as I can bend over to reach things she can’t and I’m taller to reach things she can’t, so she drags me with her and shares some of the money. Since this has to be done during the day I may have to suspend writing this post while I go help my wife. Yay! employment.

Up first, a cyclist is hit-and-run but LEO find the weapon vehicle with the engine still warm and arrest the driver. Valencia Woman Arrested After Newhall Hit-And-Run Investigation Intersection wreck, intersection protocols to avoid the wreck, fix the infrastructure to prevent, and kudos to the local LEO in this case for taking the assault with a deadly weapon seriously even though the cyclist may have run the stop sign.

Another blind driver hits and kills a cyclist. Cyclist hit by pickup, killed on Highway 20 Notice that the report did not say the cyclist was riding without lights or reflectors, just that he wasn’t wearing reflective clothing, IOW the cyclist is guilty because he wasn’t wearing the glow-in-the-dark clown costume the LEO or the reporter thought he should have been wearing. Hit-from-behind protocol to avoid, and enforcement of the law to not run into vehicles that are in front of you to prevent. More Thursday night crash claims bicyclist’s life

I’m not sure how to classify this article, it’s about the legal infrastructure but it’s more about attitudes towards vulnerable users than anything else. Anyway a ride in NYC to protest “No Criminality Suspected”. Cyclists draw a line; Demand accountability in car accidents The assumption of innocence should only start in the courtroom, until then investigate assuming a crime has been committed.

And it’s Saturday, so there must be a link about e-assist bikes in the folder. And here it is. Juiced Riders ODK Electric Cargo Bike Review I personally think the best use of e-assist on flat terrain is with cargo bikes, also the best use when the road slants up.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today…

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