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Still sore from yesterday’s exertions, and the Feed

Well I spent more than 6 hours packing and moving books yesterday, about a ton of them, and all told we managed to pack out less than 2 bookcases. This looks like it will be a really long gig, but the good part is the person I’m working for has to be there, and can only be there on days off from her regular job. That means normally I would get a break between workouts, but not this week as she has several days off because of weird scheduling. I may not be able to get the post done before I have to go move books again. The good part is I get paid at the end of the day.

Up first is a wreck in KS. Man riding bike critically injured after being hit by car Looking at the Street View of the crime scene there was a two-way stop for the cyclist and the weapon vehicle had a through street but there might have been restricted sight lines for the cyclist depending on the level of vegetation at the corner. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and as that was a residential area with an arterial running through it this would be a boundary zone that would require segregated infrastructure to allow the cyclist to bypass the arterial to prevent the wreck.

An Infrastructure! article from the other end of the state from the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. If the roads aren’t safe for cyclists, they aren’t safe People just don’t “get” that they are using what are essentially WMD as a mode of transportation, that their vehicle is more deadly than a machine gun.

More Infrastructure news from NYC. Speed Cameras Die In Albany And Bloomberg Wants Blood I agree with Bloomie on this one, people that are hit by speeding cars, and their surviving loved ones for the ones killed by speeding cars, need to call these law(not)makers in the middle of the night and ask why they voted against speed cameras.

And last link, sometimes “satire” comes a little too close to “truth” for comfort as this link from The Onion shows. Report: It Pretty Incredible That Americans Entrusted With Driving CarsAmericans make millions of mind-boggling, idiotic mistakes every day, and when taking into consideration the sheer amount of lives that could be lost due to just the slightest human error while driving, it’s actually pretty goddamn shocking that we let citizens operate 4,000-pound machines capable of going 200 mph” Amen. I should be reading The Onion more often.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. But you should really click that link in The Onion to the guy testifying in favor of DOMA in front of the SCOTUS…

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