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About to go work some more, and the Feed

Two things about this post. First this is the first post I’m making on my new laptop, and I’m working in the dining room instead of my office. Second I have to rush because I’m supposed to help Mrs. the Poet clean an apartment this morning and unlike my desktop computer I can’t suspend this box with the windows still open and resume from where I left off.

A young NH cyclist is being blamed for a driver not watching where they were going while backing into a driveway. 7-year-old cyclist injured after being struck by car The kid was riding on the sidewalk when the driver backed into the driveway. All traffic on the sidewalk has right of way over all motor vehicles, that’s the law. Any bets on the law being enforced in this case? Segregated infrastructure would not have helped prevent this wreck as it was in an area that has to mingle motor vehicles and all other modes of traffic.

A CA cyclist dies from a hit-and-run wreck. 18-Year-Old Cyclist Injured In Savage Hit-and-Run Has Died The kid was walking his bike in the crosswalk when an older male in an Mercedes SUV ran the red light and hit him so hard that the bumper cover was torn off the vehicle. This would make the vehicle easy to find if the LAPD could actually be arsed into doing their jobs and solving crimes. This is not a wreck that could be prevented with either protocols or infrastructure as the weapon vehicle operator ignored laws and existing infrastructure when he hit the cyclist. And as always in hit-and-run cases where the victim dies, I hope the driver watches his vehicle recycled into bicycles, chained to the steering wheel.

A cyclist is hit and killed in Enn Zed. Cyclist killed near Temuka named As of composing this post the mode of wreck has not been determined, not even the exact location of the wreck has been released, so the best I can say is use intersection protocols to avoid, and there probably should be some bicycle infrastructure to keep drivers in a hurry to get to/from work away from soft and squishy human riding bicycles.

And given the sever time crunch I’m operating under today, those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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