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Just TCB while waiting to pull some teeth, and a large Feed

First the good news, the swelling and pain from the abscess are both way down, enough that I was able to shave today. I still have a lot of swelling, but it isn’t pure agony to touch my face today, only mildly uncomfortable. Second I have been preparing for an extended camping trip into primitive conditions and this blog will be off-air from 4/10 through 4/15 as I disconnect from the Internet and reconnect with Nature, and my religious roots. There will be some bike riding involved as there is about a quarter-mile of gravel road between my camp area (Refugee Camp) and the showers and gathering areas for conferences and meetings.

A cyclist in CA is killed and LEO don’t even release what road he was killed on. Stockton cyclist dies after being struck by vehicle Note that he was hit “in the area of Arch Airport Road and Highway 99” not on an actual road that can be examined via Google Maps and Street View. I can’t say how to avoid or prevent a wreck when I’m not even allowed to know the location much less direction of travel for all vehicles involved.

A SWSS from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Punta Gorda bicyclist hit, killed by car Another SWSS as the cyclist “swerved” in front of the weapon vehicle but is unable to state his lane position prior to the impact because he’s dead. Did anyone not driving the weapon vehicle see the alleged “swerve”? And how did the driver get injured driving a 2.25 ton vehicle into a 200 pound man on a bicycle? If the cyclist came through the windshield that is usually an indication of excessive speed on the motor vehicle. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent including less gullible LEO.

I hope they pull this person’s license as being “medically unfit” in this case from the UK. OAP accused of causing death of cyclist ‘suffered profound faint’ Anyone claiming innocence in a motor vehicle wreck because of a medical condition should be permanently banned from driving and also relinquish all motor vehicles in their possession.

The “anti-cycling” former mayor of Toronto may have driven drunk… Worst Mayor Ever Spent the evening drinking and seen stumbling in the general direction of his car, but nobody actually saw him drive.

Another wreck with low information from South Africa. Cape Town cyclist killed, another injured Two cyclists hit and then the article goes to ask cyclists and motorists to follow the law and be tolerant…

Update on a wreck report from Oz. Hero cop killed on birthday ride Even an experienced road user with thousands of miles under his wheels is no match for crappy infrastructure and uncaring fellow road users in control of deadly weapons. This rider was a highway cop with thousands of bike miles and hundreds of thousands of driving miles, and he still got killed by an inattentive/distracted driver at a tricky intersection that left him with few options for negotiating and no good options.

Infrastructure from the UK, as their roads are so bad that their bus system injures or kills 2 vulnerable road users per day. London buses ‘hit two pedestrians or cyclists a day’ I don’t believe this is entirely on the bus operators as an injury rate that high is systemic to the operating environment. In other words their street environment is toxic to the point it injures or kills an average of 2 people a day, just from one mode of vehicle not counting the people killed or injured by other modes like HGV or taxis. The proposed “solutions” are to reduce or eliminate public transit, and not to fix the roads. That is like amputating a broken leg rather than setting it.

More infrastructure from the UK as cycling lanes are “debated”. Call for more cyclist lanes There was more of the “no room” for bikes clamor when they take great hunks out of the middles of the roads to keep cars from running into each other, but offer nothing to cyclists to prevent cars from running them over.

Last link, rich famous people still drive like fools as being rich and famous is no antidote to being a fool. Clark Gable’s Son Suspected of DUI in Malibu Crash Damages were estimated at a quarter of a million dollars, US. Fortunately there were no cyclists in his path of destruction.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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