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Once again emulating the one-armed wallpaper hanger, and the Feed

Today’s tasks include making dinner (bean day), producing the blog post, and building a hot water heater for a camp shower. The basics for the water heater are a turkey fryer and a truck heater core, to which I am expected to extend the connections and add fittings to attach garden hoses to the heater core. For this I have been compensated by filling the tanks on my welding/cutting torch that were delivered empty after they replaced the unit that was stolen on the trip to the camping trip several years ago… I do not expect this to be a difficult job with setup being the most time consuming part of the job. Also, this being bean day I am making a significant changes in the recipe because we have ham that needs to be used up so not vegan beans today.

A WI man is killed crossing a street. Authorities investigate fatal bicycle crash in Wisconsin Rapids The position of the dead cyclist and the direction of travel for the weapon vehicle indicate that the cyclist may have been trapped by a stale green/quick yellow and the driver of the SUV may have proceeded through the intersection without paying attention to anything but the traffic light. Intersection protocol may have avoided this wreck, getting the infrastructure right would have prevented it.

A cyclist is hit in NC with very little information to go on. Cyclist injured in Pilot Mountain wreck identified The small amount of information supplied with this article suggests the cyclist or the driver may have drifted over the centerline, and either one could have been crowding the center in an effort to improve grip. Doing a web search for additional articles came up empty of live links (many, many dead ones.)

A cyclist is killed in NYS, no criminality suspected… Bicyclist killed by car in western NY No mode of wreck given, neither direction of travel nor lane placements, only that the driver wasn’t charged with anything in killing a cyclist. More Man Killed By Vehicle While Riding His Bike in Wheatfield and Cyclist Struck and Killed By Car in Wheatfield Those links indicate the wreck may have been a hit-from-behind wreck and there is a possibility that the driver was out illegally after curfew under the NY graduated permit program. But still no charges filed…

A blotter report of a cyclist injury wreck in the Great White North. Man sought by Montreal police for alleged taxi driver assault The cyclist is believed to have run a red light. Intersection protocols to avoid, and don’t run red lights.

A cyclist is… injured in a drive-by stabbing? IN TODAY’S GAZETTE: Cyclist hurt in drive-by stabbing The war on motorists has escalated in the UK as now they are making random attacks?

More on the mayhem at a pay ride in Enn Zed. Seven injured in GrapeRide “No comment” about the driver that ran into 4 cyclists at once…

And those are all the links I have this Monday.

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