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Still emulating that chicken, and the Feed

You know that chicken right? The one that runs hither and yon after being relieved of its head? That’s still my life. I have to go buy a reload card for my cell phone even though I paid for a year’s use and haven’t even come close to the 5000 minutes I bought back in December, I still had more than 4K minutes left on my plan when they shut my phone off… Grr. And I have something I need to do at church tonight. And I haven’t even gotten started good at filtering the Feed ’cause it’s freaking huge today.

A cyclist is killed in NC. Cyclist killed in Fayetteville collision This report does not pass the smell test for me as it is just too vague. The cyclist was blamed for “failing to yield to oncoming traffic” but then the only vehicle that has a halfway accurate place and direction given was the weapon vehicle, and even then the place of the wreck was only “near” the intersection listed. So I can’t say for sure how to avoid this wreck with the built environment. Get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike a very strange wreck report that is behind a paywall. Fort Pierce man killed while riding bicycle on I-95 As I can’t read the report I can’t say how or why the cyclist was riding in the middle of the outside lane of an Interstate highway.

More bad news from NYC. Your Dog Can Legally Take Out A Cyclist As Long As It’s Not “Vicious” This is just another link to the “dog runs over bike” story…

Update on a CA wreck, courtesy of BikingInLA. Coroner’s report delaying filing case in Cal Poly bike death LEO have already determined the driver was at fault, but level of charges is dependent on what the coroner’s report says.

LifeStyle in NYC as they hold a pre-RoS tour of the local Ghost Bikes. Tour of City’s ‘Ghost Bikes’ to Honor Bronx Man Killed in Unsolved Crash Ordinarily I would make the comment that I hope this causes someone to report something to LEO that enables them to catch the killer, but this is NYPD we are talking about, they don’t care if you kill someone riding a bicycle unless the cyclist is another cop or a high-ranking pol in city government. And those people know better than to get caught on a bike given the total lack of prosecution against people that kill while behind the wheel. A driver’s license is almost a license to kill in NYC.

And those were all the live links that gave me fits.

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