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Keeping an eye on West, and the Feed

The news coming out of West has not been good as they find people in the wreckage of houses and businesses, many still alive, but sadly many not. While there’s a part of me that wants to know how it happened and what can be done o prevent it from happening again (the same thing that drives this blog), there is another part that says what happened is not what is important, what can be done for the survivors is what is important now. There are adequate blood supplies available for the area, and I can’t donate blood any more because of a bad reaction to a trial drug back in 2007. So scratch that from my ability to contribute to the cause. I don’t have much in the way of disposable funds at hand either, and West is too far to carry stuff on the cargo bike, and what I can carry on the cargo bike they can get from Wal-Mart in Waco or Hillsboro about 20 miles away on I35 in opposite directions. Reports are the Czech Stop is doing booming business, along with other restaurants in the little cluster off Exit 353, which is good. There is little I can do to help except ask people to support businesses I know are legit and locally owned that plow the profits back into the local economy. That people are doing exactly that, buying from the locally owned businesses in West, makes me feel a tiny bit better.

A CA cyclist is injured. Police Calls: Cyclist Hit by Vehicle, DUI and Marijuana Arrests Not much to say about the wreck, other than the report makes it look like the driver was drunk at the time, and the reported location of the wreck makes it possible that intersection protocols would have helped avoid the wreck.

A serious wreck in the UK as another heavy truck kills severely injures a cyclist at a known bit of shoddy infrastructure. Barclays Cycle Hire bike rider seriously injured after being struck by lorry From initial reports it seems like this is another case of a heavy truck pilot unable to see the cyclist and turning over him. More ‘Boris bike’ cyclist critically injured in lorry crash and Lorry driver arrested after “Boris Bike” cyclist seriously injured in collision

LifeStyle about a fallen cyclist in the Great White North. Memorial ride Saturday for Henry Mejia, cyclist killed on Kennedy Road If this post gets to you in time I suggest riding this ride.

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