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Another Bean Day, and another Feed

Still banging about after not doing much yesterday, except I got an order for a crank-forward single-speed bike for one of the people I was camping with earlier this month. Her balance is a little wonky because she doesn’t ride much, so she wants a low saddle, but she made a less than 2 mile ride on the last day of the campout to go visit the vendors and came back complaining of knee pain, which I was told later did not go away until 3 days after returning to “civilization”. So once again her friends are getting together to get her something she needs. I’m doing most of the work, and directing, while other people are bringing in the supplies. For ease of transport I’m modifying an existing BMX bike into a 20/20 crank-forward, putting in my version of an anti-rotation seat post/tube combination and adding tubing to fill in the gaps created when moving the bottom bracket forward. I think the woman who gets this bike will be both surprised and pleased.

A PA cyclist is injured and is not at fault (!). Pickup truck driver to be cited after hitting bicyclist in Carlisle The comments are “interesting” in that while the cyclist was totally absolved of blame in this wreck, the people making the comments blamed the cyclist for being there to get hit… The more things change, the more they stay the same. Intersection wreck, use the intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

True crime in CO. Family of man killed by car while riding bike in Boulder has mixed feelings about plea deal and T.J. Doherty’s friends, family wrestle with plea deal in fatal Boulder crash One hundred hours of community service for killing a man, slightly more than double the sentence he would have gotten for littering. That’s 2 1/2 weeks of mowing lawns and picking up trash off the side of the roads for the state. Want to commit a random murder? You can’t go wrong by using a motor vehicle as your weapon, if you just stop and tell LEO “I didn’t see him!” you get away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist if you even get prosecuted which makes this CO case highly unusual. In NYC the driver wouldn’t have even gotten a ticket.

A hit-from-behind wreck in CA. Bicyclist Dies After Being Struck by Vehicle on El Camino Real One of two cyclists riding in the bike lane, and the driver still couldn’t manage to see and avoid hitting the victim. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and make sure that drivers actually are able to drive under the harsh conditions of clear weather and dry roads that prevailed at the time of this wreck, to prevent. Really, how could anyone place any blame on a cyclist hit from behind in a bike lane? More Bicyclist dies following traffic accident I hate the term “accident” Cyclist dies after being hit by vehicle also BICYCLIST IN BIKE LANE HIT BY VEHICLE, KILLED still more Cyclist dies after being hit by vehicle

Another CA bike wreck, this one caused by a combination of bad pavement and excessive speed. Bicyclist Injured on Golden Lantern Sunday Afternoon To avoid modulate your speed on downhills, to prevent keep the road surfaces clean and smooth. This could have just as easily been a motorcycle rather than a bicycle.

An AL race wreck that could happen to anyone riding on the street, especially THAT street. Pro cyclist injured after dog runs onto Foothills Classic course Dogs running in front of a bike is a hazard that no cyclist can be fully prepared for. Hitting Fido usually causes the bike to fall over no matter what the rider does. Leash laws and other infrastructure to prevent.

A UK driver loses his license for running over a cyclist wearing hi-viz and running a blinking taillight in daytime. Road ban for driver who killed A1 cyclist Dozens of other drivers managed to see and avoid the cyclist, which I think was a major factor in this conviction. You would think that the driver would have noticed the other vehicles moving to the center of the road to pass the cyclist… More Suspended sentence for lorry driver who admitted killing A1 time trial cyclist

A driver in South Africa invokes the universal get-out-of-jail-free card after hitting a cyclist in the back wheel. Cyclist injured in BV accident Numerous trucks parked close to the intersection lends more credence than usual to the claim of blindness for the driver, as he really could not see oncoming traffic until he had pulled far enough into he lane to have his eyes beyond the trucks.

More LifeStyle from NYC. ‘Ghost Bike’ Tour To Honor Cyclists Killed In New York City (PHOTOS) and Photos: 20 More “Ghost Bikes” To Remember Killed Cyclists

And more on West, TX. Regulatory And Oversight Problems Led To Fertilizer Plant Explosion There were 240 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in a site authorized to store 400 pounds of the stuff, that’s 1200 TIMES the legal limit, or about 239.8 tons more than they were allowed. The plant owners should be facing state and federal criminal charges, but as it currently stands I don’t see any such charges being filed.

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