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Back from a ride in the rain, and the Feed

Well I’m back from getting checked out for a gig that didn’t work out, which involved a 16 mile round trip with the return in the rain. It wasn’t a bad ride, nor the meeting unpleasant, but the gig just didn’t pan out. The worst part of the ride back was trying to see past the raindrops on my glasses, otherwise I was just damp. The forecast had been for thunderstorms, and when they didn’t appear I chose to ride Blue instead of the bus. The rain that got me never even showed on radar…

Another PA kid gets hit by another SUV. Boy critical after getting struck by SUV while riding bike in Point Breeze The condition of the wrecked bike indicates a hit from the side, the location was a marked (pavement markings) and signed bike route, but the complete location and directions of travel for both the bike and the weapon vehicle are not given. From the tone of the video it seems the SUV driver may have been at fault but not criminally so (shades of NYPD’s “no criminality suspected”). Until I get a better location and directions of travel I can’t say how o avoid this with the built infrastructure, but getting the infrastructure right, including laws that make hitting pedestrians and cyclists crimes rather than “oopsie’s” would prevent.

More on the CA cyclist hit from behind in the bike lane. Name of cyclist killed in bike lane released Still no word on why the car was in the bike lane other than that is unequivocably where the car was when the cyclist was hit. Still not sure if hit-from-behind protocols would have helped the cyclist avoid the wreck, backchannel reports are that the cyclist never had the chance to react to the car moving over, kinda the inverse of the SWSS. I’m still of the opinion that getting the infrastructure right so that the cyclist would not need to be on the highway he was riding to get where he was going would have prevented this wreck.

A cyclist in Paradise falls into a guardrail during a group ride. Koloa cyclist injured by guardrail As this is officially a single vehicle wreck, none of the protocols apply. The only infrastructure changes that would apply would be making guardrails more rounded on top so that no sharp edges are presented on the side of the rail facing cyclists. Aside from that I got plenty of nuttin’.

Three UK links to the same story. Nurse, 67, drunk on three G&Ts mowed down and killed 15-year-old cyclist before throwing his bike out of the way and carrying on to work and Drunk nurse jailed for killing teenage cyclist also Drink-drive nurse, 67, hit and killed teenage cyclist, tossed bike out of the way then drove off The nurse had a BAC of .084, drunk in the US by a hair but well over the legal limit in the UK, and also got one of the more severe sentences I have seen for killing with a motor vehicle in the UK. After recent uproars against killer drivers being sentenced to community service for a few weeks, 5 years and 4 months with 50% to be served before the possibility of parole is astounding. That’s 2 years 8 months for those too busy to do the math.

Infrastructure! news of a different kind from PA (again). Pa. Turnpike to offer electric car charging stations Now if they could do something like that for e-assist bikes…

Continuing coverage from West, TX. West Fertilizer Plant’s Hazards Eluded Regulators For Nearly 30 Years and Obama Dispatches FEMA To Aid In West, Texas Relief Apparently everyone thought this was somebody else’s problem, generating a massive SEP field that rendered the plant invisible to regulators. And while I make this statement mainly in jest as a reference to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide”, the facts of the case point to exactly that. The owners of the plant were woefully uninformed of the regulations and when regulations were brought to their attention they complied with them, the problem was that there was no clearinghouse for the kinds of regulations this plant was subject to, like the DHS regulation that they be informed of any accumulations of AN fertilizer in excess of 400 pounds. One would think that 270 tons of the stuff going to the same address would have waved some red flags somewhere, but apparently it didn’t. So numerous balls were dropped by myriads of people, and now 14 people are dead and 200 pr so injured, like the kid in the video that lost his hearing. And how does this relate to the main subject of this blog, bicycle safety? Only as an illustration of what happens when we become too familiar with something potentially deadly, as we have with motor vehicles. The only difference in this explosion and a big wreck is the amount of property damage and the size the area the injured were spread over. Even a big wreck tends to be a compact crime scene compared the explosion at West. BTW you really need to “czech” out the Czech Stop for kolaches or those little sausage wraps, Exit 353 off I 35 on the east access road, or just south of FM 2114 if you’re coming by bicycle. They are seriously that good. And if it seems like I have a soft spot in my heart for this town, that’s a distinct possibility.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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