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Lots of miles today, and the Feed

I have a massage therapist that lives almost exactly 10 miles from Casa de El Poeta, that I had a visit with this morning, which means I had a nearly 20 mile trip in suburban traffic this morning. I’m beginning to wonder about the utility of seeing this therapist, as all the knots she undoes on the table get put right back in on the trip home. And I also have meditation class tonight to further reduce my stress levels only to have then go right back up on the trip home. As you might have guessed, it’s not the trip distance that is causing the problems, it’s the dealing with cars on the route that is causing the trouble. No cars, almost no stress, practically zero stress; ride with cars, constant low-level stress at best. Anyway, the two trips add up to about 27 miles that I will get to log today.

Up first is a number of updates on the 9YO killed in a wreck in NY last week. Name of 9-year-old hit, killed on bicycle released and Accident kills 9-year-old boy riding bike in Gloversville Also Fatal accident claims life of Gloversville boy last link Accident claims life of boy on bike in Gloversville Finally a mode of wreck after waiting a week for links. The weapon vehicle made a left turn into the street where the cyclist was riding and struck the cyclist in the street, direction of travel for the cyclist not given, and I still haven’t been able to find any pictures of the damaged bike or weapon vehicle. Apparently the cyclist was near but not at the intersection from what few crime scene pictures have been released. So while I can’t say what the cyclist could have done to avoid the wreck other than not be a kid in his own neighborhood riding like a kid, I can say that this wreck was at least partially the fault of the driver for not going slowly and not watching for cyclists in the residential street. This area would have been an 18 MPH (30 km/hr) speed limit in the Netherlands so the risk to the child playing would have been minimal, especially given that their laws make hitting a child cyclist at least 99% the fault of the driver before any analysis is done.

Another young cyclist is injured in the neighboring state of PA in this update. Bike Ride Planned To Support Critically Injured Boy From what I have been able to piece together from both front and back channels of information the SUV driver was going a bit over the speed limit, but not enough to get a ticket. That combined with the excessive size of the vehicle combined to create havoc in this wreck. The “excessive” size can be determined by the fact that the vehicle had only the driver on board, and that the victim was able to go completely under the vehicle and not get crushed.

A IA cyclist is injured in a VA wreck(?). Man injured in Bedford County bicycle wreck Lots of missing information in this one, but at this point there doesn’t seem to be motor vehicle involvement so infrastructure remains the answer for how to prevent the wreck, and if the initial report is correct riding within one’s means of control to avoid.

One of “those” days in the Great White North. Police chase of cellphone-using driver ends with property damage, injured cyclist I haven’t even read the second paragraph yet, but I can already tell you that this was not the kind of wreck even the best cyclist could avoid. Police chases are chaotic at best when the fleeing suspect is just trying to get away from the cops. This chase seemed like the fleeing suspect was trying to do as much damage as possible before he got caught.

A rare case of a driver accepting blame for a bicycle wreck in the UK. Bristol cyclist deaths: disqualified driver admits killing ‘perfect couple’ Still nothing on why he was out driving after being banned from driving. That should result in some kind of enhancement when he gets sentenced next month.

Infrastructure! from Oz. Injured cyclist calls for dedicated bike lanes Even what he’s suggesting falls way short of what’s really needed to make cyclists safe, which would include making hitting a cyclist in the bike lane a felony on a par with assault with a deadly weapon.

And I haven’t had one of these reports lately, but here’s a report on adding an electric “pusher” trailer to carry stuff and make the bike better able to carry stuff. Cycloboost Electric Bike Trailer: Add Some Boost & Cargo to Your Bike! [VIDEO] Cargo capacity and a major hill-climbing boost, all in one simple package. “Brilliant!”

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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