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Time for Mule Duty already? and the Feed

One thing is nearly constant when you’re a cyclist, eating, followed by running out of food. The pantry here at Casa de El Poeta is once again resembling Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard from the nursery rhyme. So after Mrs. the Poet gets off work Blue and I will schlep our sorry selves over to the local purveyor of comestibles and secure caloric sustenance, then return said sustenance to the Casa.

From CA terrifying video of a driver ramming a cyclist. Raw: California driver sought for ramming bike You can see the driver makes a 3-point turn to reverse direction then deliberately tries to smash the cyclist against a trash bin. That is attempted murder in my book, but as a survivor of a similar assault in 2001 my judgement might be a little biased.

Also from CA a cyclist is hit because she was in the bike lane and the driver wanted to be where she was? Bicyclist Hit, Injured by ‘Impatient’ Driver I strongly disagree with the subhead on this article, this was no an “accident” but another deliberate assault with a deadly weapon.

What appears to be a Jerry Browning of a cyclist turns fatal. San Rafael man dies in bike crash How else would the cyclist have ended up under the truck if it had not been passing too closely?

More on the VA single cyclist wreck during a group tour. Cyclist injured in crash in Bedford County I’m still trying to find what might have caused the cyclist to leave the road in the first place as something just does not pass the “smell test” on this one. More Iowa Man Airlifted After Bedford Co. Bike Crash

More on that UK story about the guy with the suspended license driving drunk and running from the police. Man admits killing couple riding tandem bike near Bristol As I posted earlier about this story, there was no way for a human cyclist to be able to evade a drunk driver weaving at high speed through traffic, and infrastructure would not have helped much either (drunk drivers are already breaking many laws why should they pay any attention to a bit of paint on the roads outside a residential area?).

Infratrcuture! news from CA. Of broomsticks and bikes NBC Universal after a little arm-twisting decided it would be in their best interests to no longer impede this vital stretch of bike path, and instead they should help pay for it. I would have loved to been a fly on the wall for that negotiation session.

A handy new link I have found for judging if an e-assist bike will work for you. Electric bike trip simulator If you have the efficiency of your motor over a wide range of speeds (like you get by using the ebikes.ca motor simulator) then you can plug in the percent effciency at the various speeds (I assume this is at full throttle) and get a fairly accurate range determination for your route.

Last link, a drunken bike thief returns the bike with an apology, and a coupon good for a free piece of cake at a local restaurant. Bike Thief Apology: Intoxicated Bandit Returns Bicycle With Priceless Note, Domino’s Coupon (PHOTO) While the coupon was a nice gesture, returning the bike was even better, and regretting the actions taken while inebriated tops all.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus (Have I mentioned I love having the “€” key on this computer?)