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Wow, that went over well, and the Feed

Every so often you write something that you just do stream-of-consciousness, that doesn’t feel like it has any structure nor rhyme nor reason, and in spite of everything people like it. Yesterday’s post, people liked. Whoodathunkit? Right now I’m drinking my coffee, nibbling on a PopTart, and going through the morning e-mails, then I will filter the rest of the Feed I didn’t filter last night. There were a lot of motorcycle wrecks in the weekend Feed…

Up first another report on a hit-and-run from the other LA. Shreveport cyclist killed in suspected hit and run I don’t know where they got “suspected” from, there’s a dead cyclist with major impact injury not consistent with a bicycle’s speed range in that area, and there’s no motor vehicle in the area. Leaving the scene constitutes a hit-and-run. Again, like I said Saturday, this looks like a hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid. And publicly execute hit-and-run drivers to prevent. More Shreveport police identify cyclist killed in hit-and-run crash

Another hit-from-behind in LA. Bicyclist killed in Lafourche Parish Hit-from-behind protocols including lights and reflectors to avoid, and from the comments it seems that infrastructure played a part in this wreck as well.

A hit-from-behind wreck in CA that was caught on video. Three riders walk away from horror LA bike crash The wreck appears to have been the result of “target fixation” where the motorcycle rider saw the cyclists but just did not avoid them because he could not look away from them to plot an alternate course. There was no way human cyclists could have avoided this wreck as there was not enough time between being able to see the motorcycle behind them and react to its path. More Motorcycle hit cyclist on the snake Mulholland

A serial cyclist-killer awaits sentencing in the UK. Family calls for tough sentencing on driver who killed cyclists 30 years apart This driver needs to learn a lesson, and the first application of the clue-by-four was not effective. The next application needs to have a longer duration than the 8 months he got the first time.

A bit of good news from Jolly Olde on drivers actually seeing cyclists. Cyclists Actually ARE Invisible to Drivers Depending on the driver, as many as one third don’t see cyclists on the roads in front of them. It isn’t that so many are hit, it’s that so few are that is the great credit to the traffic skills of the average cyclist.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, less the motorcycle wrecks not including bicycles, and the UK links that had basically zero information.

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