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Warm day today forecast cold day tomorrow, and the Feed

I just got back from running an errand on Blue, and it was right at 76 out with a light breeze. This is slightly below normal for this time of year here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, but within expected ranges of variation. But tomorrow is supposed to start out at 58 and never get any warmer, then drop to 38 Friday morning. This is insane for May in Texas, where we have averages of daytime highs in the mid-90s and morning lows in the high 50s sneaking up over 60 by the end of the month. And this falls on the heels of the warmest year ever last year, even warmer than the year we had more 100 degree highs than we had days in “official” summer. The seasons seem to be lagging more and more in the last few years with sudden switches from cold to hot weather instead of the gradual changes that have been the norm for most of my memory. I’m told that this will be another consequence of climate change especially for those of us located in mid-continent areas where we don’t have the temperature regulating effects of ocean currents to modulate the weather. Oh, Goody!

And the less said about my allergies, the better. As a former member of my church called it, tree bukakke is no fun, or as I called it last year plants having sex in my sinuses. I don’t object to plant sex if they keep the byproducts to themselves, but this indiscriminate spreading of genetic material about the countryside has to stop. Safe Sex for Plants! (The preceding message brought to you by Prudes Against Public Reproduction) 😛

A scary report from CA. Bicyclist Killed By Hit-and-Run Driver, Cops Say Crash Was Intentional Intentionally hitting someone with a motor vehicle is attempted murder in my book except when the victim dies and then you can drop the “attempted” part off the charges. As the wreck is reported now there is no way for a human cyclist to avoid this wreck, and I’m not sure infrastructure would have helped much unless the driver just lost it over being delayed a few seconds by the cyclist. When they catch the driver I’m of the opinion that he gets to watch his precious car get recycled while chained behind the steering wheel. I should also say that this report brought back a flood of bad memories from my wreck in 2001, specifically the ones about trying to get local LEO to get off their butts and investigate the assault.

From far-West Canuckistan, two more cyclists get hit. Two cyclists hit in separate accidents in Saanich on Monday Two left crosses in the same street within a few minutes of each other, both immediately blamed on the drivers involved, and the drivers get a smaller fine than they would have gotten had they dropped a bag of garbage on the ground instead of nearly killing someone. Am I the only one seeing the problem here? Obviously intersection protocols for the cyclists to avoid these wrecks, but infrastructure and a major attitude change is the only thing that will prevent these in the long run.

A frank discussion of the failures of infrastructure in NC. MOTORISTS’ COLLISIONS WITH CYCLISTS RESULT IN LASTING INJURIES AND ANXIETY The line from the article that causes me the most despair was the first sentence: “It’s not difficult to find a cyclist in Greensboro who’s been hit by a car — just find someone who relies on their bike for transportation.” This implies a 100% chance over time to get hit by a car while just getting from place to place, and that really bothers me. That is an indictment against LEO and infrastructure, and yes active LEO doing good traffic enforcement can make up for bad infrastructure. Not completely mind you, but many shortcomings of bad infrastructure can be erased by heavy traffic law enforcement against the people with the deadly weapons, and the most dangerous infractions of the cyclists.

LifeStyle in GA. Ride for Fallen Officers heads to Savannah As much as I rail against the shortcomings of LEO, they have a hard and sometimes dangerous job.

and those are all the links that gave me fits today, less the motorcycle wrecks and the UK links that didn’t say anything more than a wreck happened and someone got hurt.

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