This is the last month!

The art contest to design a tattoo for the huge scar on my leg Art contest and rules, Wreck-Free Sunday runs out at the end of the month. You still have time to submit a design that will cover or work with the scar to make my leg no longer a reminder that some people didn’t care if I lived and died based on my mode of transportation. The prize is still $500USD, either in cash if you’re local, or you feel like driving to the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell to get it, or in the form of a credit union check with the funds guaranteed by the financial institution.

I have gotten some feedback from my tattoo artist that the ink might run under the skin graft, or it might not, or it might run in some places but not in others, that grafts are not like scars or regular skin that have a degree of consistency about them, they are an unpredictable combination of the two. I suggest taking that into account in your design. For the part of the design that is within the graft do something that will “tolerate” the ink running and blurring the lines and color.

Those of you who have already submitted images, you are all still in the running! And Thank You very much for your time and efforts.

PSA, Opus


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