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Pictures of the shearing on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I’m doing this post on the old desktop machine because the new laptop does not have image manipulating software. I got the pictures from the Shearing of the Sheep ritual last month but had to do a lot of brightening up so that they were usable, because while the flash was bright enough to dazzle me it wasn’t bright enough to get a good picture. There was some blurring of some of the pictures because of laughing as everybody was feeling a bit giddy about the ritual (since it was announced that the cutting part would be as goofy as possible).

First we had to figure out how to keep the hair where the birds could get it and not down my shirt.re-purposing a garbage bag as a barber's apron

And a few minutes later it’s easier to see we re-purposed a garbage bag as a barber’s apron.Same picture without laughing

Moving outside to the chair under the parking lot light.Taking the first cut

And here is where the Mohawk starts.Halfway through the Mohawk

And a pause to “admire” the handiwork.You can see one ear...

Both ears showing now.You can see ears now.

I looked so distinguished with just the tuft on the chin.Just a tuft on this chin, so distinguished-looking

And the finished project.All gone!

As I said the focus for the camera was adversely affected because the photographer was laughing so hard. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my shedding 4 month’s worth of hair and beard.

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