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Cool but humid, and the Feed

We are having a lovely day here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell today. It’s overcast but not dreary, a light shade rather than oppressive dark clouds, and as a result the temperature is still moderate as the time approaches 11 AM. Yesterday’s rains have left a lot of humidity in the air, but it just keeps things comfortable and helps suppress the pollen. All in all I rather like the weather today. Make note of that, it doesn’t happen very often.

A PA cyclist learns not to ride a stunt bike in traffic. City boy, 12, hurt when bicycle hits car Removing the brakes is a common modification for BMX half-pipe competition, because accidentally grabbing a brake lever at the wrong time could kill you, or just the brake lever on the handlebars could kill you, but riding the same bike on the roads is euphemistically termed “not bright”.

An AL cyclist is killed riding in a residential area. 6-year-old Cullman boy riding bike killed in wreck with car The question that should be asked is “Why was the driver going so fast in a residential area?”, not “why was the child playing in the street?” Since the mode of the wreck was not given I can’t say how to avoid it and because the wreck was in a residential area the built infrastructure is close to the Dutch model except for the speed limit. So again, too fast but within the law, then the law must be wrong.

The kind of bike wreck that no amount of traffic savvy or infrastructure can prevent. Man on bike killed in South Side drive-by and ‘Oh, Ricky’: Man shot dead while riding bicycle Y’see this is one of the things I use to point out how stupid real criminals are. They had one of the most deadly weapons against a cyclist that people can get, one that allows a person to claim almost anything that happened was the cyclist’s fault, and then they shot the guy. Hit the guy with the car and claim he “swerved” in front of you at the last second get off without even a ticket. Shoot the guy and you face life in prison.

A UK cyclist injured when the passenger of a moving car opened the door in front of him is suing for the maximum amount he can in that particular court. Cyclist injured by car door sues driver for £200,000 The cyclist was wearing a helmet and still had brain damage that has nearly crippled him, and has seriously affected his quality of life.

Update, the cyclist hit by an RV in Oz was a SWSS. Cyclist airlifted following collision with camper van Typical SWSS narrative claiming the cyclist turned in front of the weapon vehicle while travelling the same direction. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The easiest thing to do to get the infrastructure right would be to make hitting a bicycle from behind a prima facie crime unless the driver had some way to prove the cyclist actually DID swerve in front of the motor vehicle. Combine that with a 3 foot passing law, or a 1 meter law in metric countries, and I think you will see far fewer hit-from-behind wrecks.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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