Daily Archives: May 19, 2013

I <3 cars when they aren't on the roads, Wreck-Free Sunday

I was up past midnight watching the Sprint All-Star Race last night. I was slightly disappointed in who won as I am most emphatically NOT a Jimmy Johnson fan, but I really liked the way the race ran. There were very few wrecks, which is a testimony to the skills of the drivers involved when running for a first prize of over $1M. There was the comment made during the race that under the special rules for the race NASCAR would run as many green-white-checkers as it took to get a winner under green, or until they ran out of cars, but it didn’t get anywhere near that heated between drivers this year. The new car is very racy, but also very easy to race without running into the other driver and taking both out. Count me as happy with the new Cup car.

I was mentioning the discussion Mrs. the Poet and I were having about getting a car vs making a car. I’m on the side of the fence that you I get a better car for your my purposes if I build my own, Mrs. the Poet prefers to go to a dealer and plunk down some $$ and drive away, but she has already said that she isn’t driving no matter what kind of car we get. Also she has this fixed belief that cars “have” to have a roof and windshield. I’m not so fixated on creature comforts, but I do agree that you need to be able to bring everyone home from the grocery store with all the groceries, which the Speedway ’27 T Roadster can’t quite do. So I have been pondering a redesign of the back end of the body to provide more trunk space and also reduce the amount of lift and drag. Basically the redesign would raise the trunk lid and make the run from the opening of the cockpit to the back of the car making the back end a box with slightly rounded corners and then adding what is called a shovel spoiler to kill the lift. This also has the slight benefit of a tiny bit lower drag compared to the 1927 T turtledeck, so it’s all good, except for the additional work on the back of the body.

I currently have the Australian V8 Supercars on the tube from Austin, another highly enjoyable form of motor sport.

And my allergy pill just kicked in and I’m having tons of trouble keeping my eyes open. I’m going to stop here and take a nap…

PSA, Opus