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A very late severe weather season, and what happened to my Feed?

I can not recall a severe weather season that got as late a stat as this one. Here it is almost June and we are just now getting those severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that would be almost finished by now if not long gone. Weather patterns for this state have been bolluxed for several years and people are just now starting to notice by going over the recent records that we have been breaking year after year. We had hottest year, earliest recorded 100°F day, most 100°F days in a year and in a row, latest frost, latest low below 40°F, all in the last 3 years. I’m not going to fall into the fallacy of weather vs climate, but something is wrong. You don’t get so many records broken in so short a time without something being wrong. And that’s all I have to say about the subject.

On the subject of my Feed, well it’s full of motorcycles and motorcycle wrecks. Either there aren’t that many bicycle wrecks or the keywords I used to craft the search are being used differently by the people writing the news now, and terms that were once exclusively used for bicycle wrecks are getting used for any kind of wreck not involving a car or pedestrian. I mean seriously what do ATV wrecks have to do with bicycles? But I get at least one a week, sometimes more than one a day, right in my Feed.

First up is another link about the stupid driver that committed hit-and-run and then bragged about it on Twitter. Girl Brags About A Hit And Run On Twitter, Justice Is Swiftly Delivered Can I say that this is the link that REALLY earns the “Stupid drivers” tag for my blog? Because, stupid driver. Seriously stupid driver, as in “How do you remember to breathe?” stupid driver. And did I mention this driver was stupid? because she is. More “I knocked a cyclist off his bike. I have right of way, he doesn’t even pay road tax”

A single bike wreck in CT. Bicyclist Injured In New Canaan Accident I don’t actually “like” single bike wrecks, but as they are almost always non-fatal I like them a heckuva lot more than wrecks involving motor vehicles.

An ID cyclist looks to get some justice in a hit-and-run. Caldwell man charged in suspected hit-and-run The location of the wreck indicates that intersection protocols may have helped avoid the wreck, infrastructure may have prevented it, but some way to keep unlicensed driver from the controls of a rolling WMD would have definitely prevented the wreck.

A cyclist wreck in the Great White North has been solved. SIU clears Windsor police in case of injured cyclist Whodathunkit that hitting car mirrors with your hand until they break could cause hand and shoulder injury. Or that you could get hurt falling from your bike in a drunken heap…

A wreck in South Africa results in a criminal investigation. Police open case after cyclist killed by bus Hit-from-behind wreck, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. In this case the infrastructure includes criminal charges against the driver for failing to pass safely.

Last link is to an article about why has the word “bicycle” become a dirty word for conservatives? 7 Reasons Conservatives Should Embrace Bikes I’m still trying to figure out why “bicycle” became a political word.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, from only one posting to my Feed.

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