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Happy Memorial Day, Art Contest ends Saturday, and another sparse Feed

It’s a major holiday here in the States, remembering our war dead. It’s derived from Decoration Day, a Southern tradition when they decorated the graves of Confederate soldiers that died during the War of Secession, to use the old Southern term for the Civil War. After WWI the practice was extended nationwide to all soldiers killed during wartime, and during the Cold War it was extended to all military veterans regardless of how they died.

Just a reminder the art contest is coming to an end this Saturday at midnight CDT and I will announce the winner this Sunday. There are two memes emerging in the contest that look interesting, one that assumes the ink will run in the scar and depends on that for artistic effect, the other ignores the actual scar and works with it as negative space inside whatever design the artist is rendering.

The Big Story today is a cyclist in far West Canuckistan being knocked from an MUP in front of a bus with fatal results. Bike To Work Week organizer hopes for caution, not discouragement after cyclist’s death and Cyclist killed in crash with bus on Stanley Park Causeway more Cyclist struck and killed by bus Not done yet Cyclist dies after fatal collision with West Vancouver transit bus more Police looking for answers in death of cyclist on Stanley Park causeway also Transit bus that struck cyclist was full, police say still more Make causeway safer, cycling advocates urge Last link to this story Passenger describes ‘horror’ of B.C. bus collision with cyclist Links that aren’t there any more (the URL is still active but the original story is gone) hypothesized the cyclist may have been pushed into traffic by pedestrians. Just about every report mentioned the interaction with the pedestrians just prior to the wreck. I’m going to go with the “MUP is too narrow for bikes and pedestrians to share” crowd and place the majority of the blame on the inadequate infrastructure with partial blame on the cyclist. Amazing as it may sound I’m not going to blame the bus driver in this wreck, he or she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when a cyclist ended up in the road in front of the bus making for an “accident” for the bus driver. Infrastructure would be the only way to prevent a wreck like this.

A young CA cyclist is killed. 12-year-old boy on bike dies in collision with Fresh & Easy truck The truck was pulling from a parking lot when it hit the cyclist, probably because the driver was not looking for cyclists. Not confirmed was speculation that the cyclist was riding salmon on the sidewalk. Intersection protocols to avoid with better driving training to prevent.

Another hit-and-run in AZ. Phoenix police look for suspect, pickup truck after bicyclist hit and killed A salmon cyclist does not imply permission to execute the cyclist, nor to leave the scene of the crime. I can’t begin to enumerate all the wrong in this wreck. Cyclist wrong, driver wrong, infrastructure wrong, there is plenty of wrong to go around.

Last link what kind of a country would we be if we stopped people from wearing thong shorts and a cape while riding their scooters? Police: ‘Thong Cape Scooter Man’ not breaking law Such attire is not entirely out of the ordinary in Austin TX, but it’s probably a bit chillier in WI.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. Remember the art contest ends Saturday!

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