Running way late with a deadline, and the Feed

Last night was another visit with the widow women so she can cry on my shoulder night, that ran until very late and resulted in not waking up until after 1300. Breakfast was “interesting”, with corn, mashed potatoes, and chicken stuffing with a little bit of chicken in it. Different in flavors from what I normally have by about the same in nutrition as far as calories, fat and carbs.

One thing I’m still slightly buzzing about is the new welder I got. The arc welder I had before and still have is about 40 years old and replacement parts are becoming hard to find, an old Sears Craftsman 70 amp transformer unit that weights slightly less than my last car, but at least it runs on 110V AC, standard house current. Well the new 90 amp wire welder does that too, but the plus side is the flux is contained inside the wire instead of the outside of the stick electrodes. This is good because it means my welding consumables stay fresh longer and I end up throwing less away. When you pay $20 for a pound of high-tensile electrodes that can be used to weld 4130 steel safely, and you end up throwing most of the pound away because the flux has gone bad, well that kinda burns. This welder the flux will last as long as the wire stays intact and dry. I can get the same kind of wires as I used to buy as sticks, and the welder will go as thick as 3/16″ steel without overloading (but I can only run a bead for 15 seconds at a time). This will make building the frame of the car, or customer bikes much easier.

An elderly man is killed cycling in NYC. Elderly cyclist dead after SUV collision in Brooklyn The NY Post has not been a reliable reporter of wrecks involving bicycles in many years, in this one they changed the age of the cyclist between the opening and closing paragraphs from 74 to 88. Cyclist, 74, is killed by car in Bensonhurst also 74-Year-Old Cyclist Killed In Bensonhurst Cyclist Struck, Killed By Car In Brooklyn last link Shameless: Daily News Tries Linking Death of Senior Cyclist to Bike-Share Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. “No criminality suspected” means they need to look harder next time.

A wreck that does not make sense from the information given in the narrative. Boy on bike killed in DeKalb traffic accident I can see the kid crossing the centerline and getting hit by the SUV, but how did he get hit by the second vehicle? Unless he did what I did in my wreck and went way over the top of the first weapon vehicle. Anyway, not much about avoiding this wreck except not crossing the centerline, and getting the infrastructure right to prevent.

From Canuckistan more on the driver getting sent away for a long time after killing a cyclist. Man sentenced to 4 1/2 years for killing cyclist The one thing I’m very happy about is the 12 year driving ban that doesn’t start until after he gets out of prison. I may not be reading the article correctly but I think it also implies that the ban doesn’t start until all the sentence is complete if he gets parole. So that would mean 16 1/2 years of road that are safe from this drug addict and drunk (actually I think “and drunk” is redundant because a drunk is just addicted to a different drug).

A wreck in Oz. 11-year-old Vic boy dies in school crash Since this wreck was at an intersection that had a crossing guard the wreck itself is a bit suspicious. Get the infrastructure right including what minimal instruction should be needed to cross the street, to prevent.

Last link, because I’m a nerd Who will be Miss Nerd America? I gave up on looking for a nerd girl, and just went looking for a woman who could tolerate my nerdiness. These “girls” seem a bit more than what I would have been looking for back when I was looking.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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