Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket? and the Feed

I have been looking for repair parts for my coffeemaker, and coming up short. The weak link in coffeemakers appears to be the heating unit or the controls for the heating unit, but none of that stuff appears to be available online. I see listings for the part for commercial units where that one part alone is several times the cost of a home coffeemaker, but when there is a listing for the heating unit for a home coffeemaker the part is not available any longer. How are we supposed to fix them if we can’t get parts? At this point I wouldn’t even complain about repair parts that were a significant percentage of the retail cost of the coffeemaker if it would keep the damn things out of landfills. But at this point unless you have the skills and the data to manufacture a replacement unit on your own that coffeemaker is destined to become landfill. And that annoys me.

A GA cyclist is hit by a stop sign-running driver. Teen cyclist hit by car on Athens street Driver ignoring anything smaller than a Mini again, no cars, so no need to stop. Intersection protocols to avoid or at least avoid injury, and infrastructure to prevent. I’m not 100% certain on the infrastructure as the driver did ignore the as-built infrastructure that told her to wait for other vehicles to proceed before proceeding herself.

Infrastructure article from NM. Bike rider sues Santa Fe after railroad accident Ruts and grooves that parallel direction of travel or intersect at very low angles are dangerous to single-track vehicle travel, becoming more dangerous as the tire width decreases or rut/groove width increases. I have crashed from hitting a rut at the wrong angle and having the front wheel unable to change direction.

And that’s it, all the Feed that I didn’t put up yesterday.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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