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A marathon trip to get a new coffeemaker, and the Feed

Well maybe not a marathon, but more than a half-marathon. Because the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell are designed to an automobile-centric transportation mode things are not very close together. I had to make a trip downtown to the bank to get the money, and then ride to the store on the fringes of town to get a coffeemaker, and then back to Casa de El Poeta. That’s about 16.5 miles, plus or minus. Throw in winds that were over 15 MPH steady with gusts of 25 and you have an exhausting trip on a bike that is aero-limited to about 15 MPH in still air on a level road. With the tailwind it was another story as I held a steady cruise of 18-19 MPH on the bike route that kinda sorta went in the direction of the store on the outskirts of town. I kept that up for miles.

The other thing that I found out while I was out is that the local shoe repair place can put the lift on my short-side shoe for $36 plus the cost of the shoe that I have to buy (my shoes are disintegrating as I walk they are so old). So a trip to the shoe store Saturday, then a trip to the shoe repair guy on Monday and I’ll be walking better by Friday.

A deadly crash in Upstate NY. 13-year-old killed on bike in Sylvan Beach, man arrested for hit-and-run DWI Hit-from-behind wreck, I don’t know that the protocols would have been effective against a drunk driver. Infrastructure might have prevented the wreck by physically separating homicidal drunks with WMDs away from fragile human bodies. The thing I really liked about the article was that someone of authority made the statement that if the kid was wearing a helmet was moot when he got hit by 6000 pounds of speeding motor vehicle.

An update on the cyclist killed by the garbage truck in S.F. CA. Garbage Truck Accident Causes San Francisco Bicycle Death Note that this narrative has the cyclist getting right-hooked rather than running into the truck.

A cyclist is hit from behind in WA. Cyclist seriously injured in crash with car LEO are still trying to figure out how a driver could hit another vehicle in the lane in front of him… Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. As part of that infrastructure make hitting a vulnerable user from behind an automatic loss of vehicle if the victim survives, and a permanent loss of license on top of any other penalty if the victim dies.

A cyclist is injured after hitting a pothole in the Great White North. CYCLIST INJURED Umm, yeah, having both hands on the handlebars when you hit a pothole is not just a good idea, it could save your life.

The laughable sentence given a serial cyclist killer in the UK is being actively appealed. Driver who killed cyclist Audrey Fyfe to have sentence reviewed and Cyclist killer Gary McCourt: Crown to appeal against ‘lenient’ sentence also Driver who killed Edinburgh cyclist faces appeal last link Crown to appeal ‘unduly lenient’ sentence of driver who killed cyclist The original sentence is 2 1/2 months of community service and a 5 year driving ban.

Infrastructure! from NV. Bicycle riders, safety advocates trumpet awareness of new ‘3-foot law’ And I’m sorry, but a law passed in 2011 is not “new” in 2013.

And I’m just at a loss for words about this article. Cop Talk: Bike safety starts with helmet Well, no, it doesn’t. It begins with keeping motor vehicles from hitting people on bicycles.

Last link, DIY active transportation infrastructure in CA. Calif. man suspected of painting crosswalk Sure, arrest the guy that does your job for you and makes you look bad.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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