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I have coffee again, and the Feed

Well today I’m going to go to the shoe store and purchase what amounts to a kit for my shoes. The right shoe I can use “as delivered”, the left shoe will get taken to the shoe repair place and the lift added to it. The right shoe I have now is about 2 years old and the upper is falling apart across the ball of the foot from excessive flexing, the left shoe is about twice as old and the upper is separating from the sole and there is some cracking around the ball of the foot. Plus the sole is getting very worn on the outside edge of the heel. And of course I would not be needing to take the shoe to the repair place for a lift to be added to the sole if a certain someone had not decided to kill me because I was riding a bicycle in the street…

Other stuff around the house, we are mid-afternoon of our first day with the “5 cup” coffeemaker. I place the size designation in quotes because it actually yields 2 cups of coffee for Mrs. the Poet and me. (Note to Grammar Nazis, the way to determine which 1st person pronoun to use is to delete all the other people in a sentence and decide which pronoun is appropriate with no other people, than use that pronoun with the sentence constructed with other people in the mix.) This is actually a mix of good and bad. It is bad because I have to make a pot of coffee every cup when Mrs. the Poet is home, or every other cup when I’m alone, but that’s good because fresh coffee tastes better than coffee left on the warmer to evaporate the volatile flavor components. It’s also good because I don’t just drink endless cups of coffee without thinking about it any more, so less coffee and hopefully lower BP in the long run. Also we seem to have acquired a few ants. I’m quite aware of this because Mrs. the Poet has been rampaging about the house with a broom and a can of bug spray screaming “Ants! Ants!” while swatting the floor with the broom and spraying insecticide with wild abandon. If it wasn’t so hard to breathe with all the bug spray in the air it would be funny, as in TV sit-com funny. The ants are retaliating by biting her (just her) anywhere they can get her.

From MA a cyclist is cut off in an intersection. Bicyclist airlifted to hospital after colliding with truck in Marlborough The wreck was in an intersection, so intersection protocols for what they would be worth to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The driver was apparently 100% at fault in this wreck, as he(?) was the only one to get a ticket.

A PA cyclist is hit in an intersection. Stockertown bicycle rider hurt after incident with motor vehicle and Nazareth bicyclist injured by pickup truck in Stockertown The truck driver ran a stop sign and the cyclist was ticketed for ? in this collision. So intersection protocols to avoid. Get the infrastructure right to prevent including not giving people tickets for getting hit by drivers running stop signs.

A strange wreck in the Great White North. Child cyclist seriously injured after vehicle collision The child was trying to get through gridlocked traffic covering the intersection and was hit when he cleared the gridlocked direction. I don’t see any way to avoid this wreck with the built infrastructure as gridlocked traffic will be with us as long as private motor vehicles are the main mode of transit for commuters. The only way to avoid or prevent a wreck like this is to have a physically segregated crossing of the road, either a bridge over the road for cyclists and pedestrians or an underpass.

Infrastructure! news from NC. Hatteras Island boardwalk will aid walkers, cyclists This is an appropriate place to put a segregated bicycle path, because NC 12 has traffic moving at high speed through residential areas and is narrow with no shoulders for either bicycle or pedestrian traffic. Things I object to are the path is too narrow for two cyclists to pass and it is shared with pedestrians without designated areas for cyclists or pedestrians. IOW the people building this are building a recreational path where a transportation facility is needed, and building conflict into the structure. Even Mrs. the Poet can tell that it’s too narrow.

Infrastructure news (of a sort) from NYC. Now That Citi Bike Is Live, Will All Cyclist Injuries Be Newsworthy?

A little Lifestyle in AL. Memorial Bike Ride for Cyclist Killed by Motorist

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