Daily Archives: June 2, 2013

Winner winner, chicken dinner, on a Wreck-Free Sunday

Yes! today’s the day I announce the winner of the $500. It was a very hard decision, made even harder by the possibility that my skin graft may not “take” a tattoo. And then made harder again by my tattoo artist of choice getting busted. So, I didn’t get any input from the guy that I still hope will be “doing” my leg this year on what would likely “work” with my leg. Things were made worse by the fact that I forgot to label the entries with the artist’s name and I had to go back and do a search for attachments in my e-mail to match the picture to the artist, and then could not find all the entries. The one I really liked was the pinstriping style drawing in the old-school Kustom Kulture tiki style, but I can’t find the e-mail it was in. Well I couldn’t until I found the right search term.

I know this will probably not work, but it was so close to what I was picturing in my mind that I had to pick it out. Rowan Watersprite please contact me and send your real name and physical address so I can send you your check. Your pinstripe Green Man has won my heart, and my money.

PSA, Opus