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Gotta do a rush job on this, and the Feed

I only have about 2-3 hours to get this done today as we need to get our tickets for Mrs. the Poet’s annual summer trip away from the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Since I now have a portable computing device (my Chromebook) all I need to keep the blog going is WiFi access, which I can get most of the places I will be going on the trip. Yes, that means I will be blogging from the road.

I mowed most of the yard yesterday, and my allergies are in overdrive today. So actually seeing the screen while I type is something of a hit-or-miss proposition. One blink all I see is a white haze, the next everything is clear, then a couple blinks after that I have patchy vision.

Up first a gruesome testament to why adequate signage is needed for bicycle infrastructure. Bicyclist Struck, Killed Trying To Cross I-80 In Berkeley more Cyclist Killed on I-80 in Berkeley a Massachusetts Man Also Cyclist Killed Trying To Cross Freeway In Berkeley even more Cyclist killed trying to cross Bay Area freeway The cyclist killed was visiting S.F. from MA and did not know the local bike infrastructure and was killed between two bicycle crossings of the freeway. Lack of local knowledge and a lack of wayfinding caused this cyclist to attempt a deadly freeway crossing.

A respected Windy City bike advocate is killed. Bobby Cann, Chicago Cyclist, Killed By Motorist As Biking Community Mourns and Critical Mass ride to pay tribute to cyclist tonight also Bicyclist killed in Old Town was ambassador for biking more Ex-Times intern writer killed in bicycle crash Some people advocate for cycling by ranting and raving (waves hand) while others just quietly move things along. Mr. Cann was in the latter category from my understanding. Of the wreck, it appears to have been a pinball collision which are only avoided by pure luck on the cyclist’s part. The only infrastructure that can prevent cyclist death or injury in such a collision is barrier segregated.

A WI cyclist is killed by a heartless driver. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run crash near Stanley Hit-from-behind wreck that disabled the weapon vehicle which the driver abandoned and called for a ride instead of calling LEO and an ambulance. The weapon vehicle was going so fast the bicycle was “yard saled” with bits and pieces strewn the length of the crime scene. IMHO this was not an avoidable wreck, and only barrier-segregated infrastructure could prevent it. [sarcasm]If only there was something that would keep heartless and brainless drivers like this one off the roads, some kind of permit to use a motor vehicle that required knowledge and testing, and verification that the person was psychologically fit to use such a dangerous tool as transportation[/sarcasm]

A cyclist is killed in KS and the driver is arrested and charged. Arrest made in connection with bicycle fatality Nothing specific on the mode of the wreck, but I think it’s safe to assume with the arrest that the cyclist was not at fault…

Another dead cyclist in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 9 years running. Bicyclist, 18, killed in Pinellas Park crash I looked at the scene in Google Street view and it was an uncontrolled intersection across 5 lanes of traffic (counting the turn lane). The cyclist could have paused at the turn lane before crossing the last 2 lanes but chose not to and was killed. I have a similar intersection that I have to negotiate every day just 0.4 miles from my house, and I always use the 2 step method of crossing. Intersection protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent including removing highways from residential areas.

A UT cyclist was either riding a fixie, or a BMX bike set up for riding half-pipe. 14-year-old on bike without brakes injured in car accident Given the age of the cyclist and the location I would say the more likely scenario would be BMX bike.

I’m just utterly gobsmacked. Police: Drunk driver speeds for 5 miles on W&OD Trail, hits bicyclist No way for a human cyclist to avoid a wreck like this, and it took place on segregated bicycle infrastructure. The driver needs to spend a long time in prison and be permanently banned from driving after release with being caught driving being equal to illegal possession of a weapon. Either that or just chain the driver to the steering wheel as they recycle the car, I don’t care.

A cyclist survives a red-light-running hit-and-run driver in the Great White North. 13-year-old Riding his Bike Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident There was nothing any human cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck. Infrastructure also would have been of limited effectiveness in preventing a similar wreck as the infrastructure in place should have prevented it had the driver been sane. I hope that when they catch the driver he “falls down a flight of stairs” a few times, then gets beat up by inmates. Then has the “book” thrown at him, heck the entire library.

More on the serial cyclist killer’s ludicrously lenient sentence being appealed. ‘Unduly lenient’ sentence on driver who killed cyclist is to be reviewed that one’s paywalled but has a good picture Appeal against sentence for cyclists’ killer

A deadly wreck in Oz. Cyclist killed in road collision in The Basin and Cyclist’s death brings weekend toll to four also Four die on Vic roads in 24 hours Other that the wreck was in a roundabout making intersection protocols the way to avoid the wreck there isn’t enough information about the wreck to make an informed statement, so “infrastructure!” to prevent.

Still in Oz is an assault with a WMD. Cyclist injured in hit-run after argument with driver The driver had an argument with the cyclists and then hooked one and drove off. This is an assault in my book, intersection protocols to avoid, and lock up crazy drivers who use their vehicles as weapons to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from Oz. Injured cyclist saved from legal cycle

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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