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At work early this week, and the Feed

I didn’t go to the widow woman’s house last night because she is taking care of her ill mother. I count that as a good thing, because while I was mowing the lawn Sunday I got bug bit and instead of a welt I have a large weeping area about the size of my thumb on my heel/ankle, right about where the top of my shoe rested against my foot. It itches like mad but I’m not touching it (years of conditioning from the phantom pains in my leg and foot). The really bad part is I don’t have a bandage that will cover it and the seepage causes my sock to stick to the wound.

Now the good news from Casa de El Poeta. My shoe is in the shop getting a lift installed so I will soon be wearing new shoes for the first time in 2 years (right foot, the left shoe is 4 years old). We have the tickets for our trip away from TX during the summer. I have a new welder and am looking forward to using it on the bike job I was commissioned to do.

A wreck in VA that is interesting because of what it left out. Richmond Bicyclist Injured After Colliding With RPD Cruiser Notice the cyclist passed a vehicle that was stopped at the intersection, not that he ignored a traffic control. Looking at Street View the street the cop was driving on had a stop sign, but if the cyclist was on the cross street then the cyclist had the right of way even passing the stationary motor vehicle. What has been left out from this article is any suggestion that the cyclist was at fault in this wreck, which for this particular publication means that the cyclist was not at fault. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid, and since this was in a residential area the only infrastructure change needed is lower speed limits and frequent and heavy application of the LART (Luser Attitude Re-adjustment Tool).

Update on the DUI driving at high speed down a MUP. Hit-and-run on trail shocks cyclists (VIDEO) Nothing new that wasn’t in other reports earlier, but more information in one place. I’m still wondering why the driver hasn’t been given terrorism charges for assaulting and threatening people with a WMD.

Another possible Jerry Brown-ing, this time in IA. Bicyclist hurt in apparent fall in Cedar Falls The cyclist was injured and semi-conscious when found, but police automatically dismissed any implication that a motor vehicle was involved because the cyclist was not dead and the bike was only lightly damaged. I don’t need to remind you that the bike that Larry Schwartz was riding when he was killed was undamaged also because the impact was to the back of his head, not the bike.

Another low-information wreck report, this time from WI. FDL Girl Hurt In Car Vs Bike Accident Nothing about the wreck other than by time and location it was in an area that had heavy bike and motor vehicle traffic.

More on the cyclist killed while warming up for a time trial race. Paramus Man Killed in Bicycle Accident and 2 killed in separate accidents in Woodland and Springfield The cyclist was about to make a U-turn to return to the start area for the race when he was hit on the shoulder of the road. I’m still trying to figure this one out as the cyclist’s fault, because every story that mentioned the cyclist’s position on the road mentioned he was on the shoulder.

Another senseless SUV-on-cyclist killing in NYC. Another Cyclist Killed at East Harlem Intersection, NYPD Again Blames Victim The article and comments speak for themselves.

Justice denied in NC. Court defers prosecution for Guilford woman charged in death of cyclist If you know this woman, please follow her with a video camera until she’s off her probationary period and report any traffic violations. If she breaks even one traffic law in the next 6 months she goes to jail.

An almost non-news link about a cyclist and a bus having an unfortunate “meeting” in the Great White North. Cyclist injured in crash with TTC bus Other than the fact of the collision there was such a rush to press that all information was left out.

A similar story from Oz, a cyclist hurt but no details as to how. Cyclist injured in road crash “Fell off” is such an interesting way of describing a hit-and-run, don’t you think?

Infrastructure! news from WA. Study: Bike lanes don’t reduce severity of bike/car crashes Surprise, surprise. Getting hit with a car hurts just as bad when you get hit in the bike lane as it does when you get hit just riding in the street without a bike lane.

“Safety” information from Canuckistan> Cycling safety awareness campaign aimed at reducing injuries and fatalities Notice the “hints” for cyclists had helmets and reflective clothing as numbers one and two.

Last link is from TX about a rider in the RAAM. This Bicycle Race Is No Aggie Joke Having lived for more than 20 years in TX I get my fair share of Aggie jokes, but this guy is seriously insane, in the good way.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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