Why am I awake this early, and the Feed

Somehow I have managed to isolate an allergy attack to just one side of my head and it woke me up early this morning, about 2 hours before I normally get out of bed. I had my left eye glued closed and left ear clogged with “gunk” inside to the point of being almost deaf, plus I couldn’t breathe out of my left nostril. The only being able to breathe out of one nostril was what woke me up, because when I can’t breathe through my whole nose I simply mouth-breathe (and snore like a slow-moving freight train), but for some reason having one nostril closed off and the other completely free causes alarms to go off in my brain that wakes me up.

I’m beginning to have doubts about the utility of converting a utility trailer for motor vehicles into a heavy-duty cargo trike. I bought the trailer from my local Harbor Freight store, and that sucker is HEAVY! It’s rated at 1000 lbs GVW, with 880 payload. That’s 120 pounds empty if my mental mathematics are working correctly, and that is not including the human-powered drivetrain and seating.

I keep expounding on the theme that motor vehicles are WMD, here’s one taking out a Taco Bell outside Cincinnati. Raw Video as Minivan Crashes Into Taco Bell The restaurant will be closed indefinitely until repairs can be made to the structure.

A MA rider is severely injured in a left cross. Police investigating crash that seriously injured cyclist The cyclist had serious upper torso injuries sustained when a driver made a left turn too close for the cyclist to do anything but hit the car. Intersection protocols might have mitigated some of the damage but would not have avoided this wreck, get the infrastructure right to prevent. One of the comments was made that the streets are too narrow for bikes in Boston, I contend they are too narrow for cars.

An ID cyclist is hit by a blind driver. Burley businessman critically injured in bike, vehicle crash more UPDATED INFORMATION: Man Injured After Being Struck By A Vehicle While Riding A Bike Near Burley Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid. Make driving while blind an offense to (help) prevent among other infrastructure changes. Of course properly segregated infrastructure would prevent this as well.

An amazing story out of AZ. Murder plea in cyclist’s death and Woman faces prison term in death of bicyclist Yes you read that right, the driver plead guilty to murder charges for killing a cyclist. She will spend at least 10 years in prison or as many as 25 and whatever sentence is imposed she will have to serve every day of it in prison with no parole. There is also the possibility that the judge can impose a lifetime ban on driving. I would add the defendant’s vehicle must be recycled and the proceeds given to the victim’s family. I would like to see the vehicle recycled with the defendant behind the wheel, but as she was only convicted of 2nd Murder she can only get a long prison term, not life or the death penalty. It is a pity.

Trial news out of WI. Woman was at tavern before striking, killing cyclist, authorities say and Sheriff: Woman drank at bar before striking, killing bicyclist This was the wreck where the driver abandoned the car and called for a ride home, and not for an ambulance for the cyclist she just hit (with an additional blinky light on the back of his helmet besides the lights and reflectors on the bike). The man had a big blinking light on the back of his head, making it positive that she hit a human being and not a deer, and she still abandoned him to die…

A cyclist is injured in far West Canuckistan. Cyclist taken to hospital Just another excuse to post raw video, there was no actual news about the wreck aside from noting the event occurred.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


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  1. Hope things drain quickly!


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