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Running through life with one good eye again, and the Feed

I woke up again this morning with my left eye glued shut and requiring both hands to pry it open. The sinus and ear congestion from yesterday seem to have cleared up leaving just the eye to deal with. Most of the symptoms are of an allergy attack, but the fact that it’s only in one eye and not both also make me think it might be an infection. It could be caused by flying “stuff” from when I mowed the lawn, which is another thing that makes me think it might be an infection. When I get an allergy attack the reaction is within minutes of contact with whatever allergen caused the reaction, this was 3 days after I mowed. Not that I haven’t had my share of reactions from mowed grass (including having my lower legs covered in welts after getting caught in a discharge from a lawn mower), I am just thinking that this isn’t one of those times. Anyway I know from yesterday that keeping hydrated will keep the eye functional and being slightly over-hydrated will reduce secondary symptoms like the obscuring of vision caused by the discharge and also keep the eye from getting glued closed again. I just have to stop using coffee to stay hydrated.

A PA cyclist is lucky to only get minor injuries when he was hit-and-run by a semi. Mechanicsburg cyclist injured in hit-and-run and Bicyclist reported injured after hit-and-run involving tractor-trailer in Mechanicsburg Since the cyclist was hit crossing an off-ramp this counts as an intersection wreck, so those protocols apply to avoid. However the second link says the cyclist was hit-from-behind in mid block so …? Getting the infrastructure right so bicyclists don’t need to share space with semi-trailers will prevent a similar wreck.

A salmon VA cyclist is seriously injured. Bicyclist Injured in Crash Near Fair Oaks Mall It isn’t obvious from the narrative if the cyclist’s direction of travel had any actual impact on the cause of the wreck as this was also a SWSS. AAANNNyyy way, don’t ride salmon, and use hit-from-behind protocols to avoid. Getting the infrastructure right will keep old guys from getting hit by people driving motor vehicles near malls…

Another VA cyclist was in a hit-from-behind hit-and-run. Injured cyclist wants answers Cyclist was left with no time to react by a vehicle that got too close going too fast. The protocols would be of limited utility in a case like this leaving getting the infrastructure right as the only solution.

Update on a MA wreck. Southborough cyclist seriously injured in crash on Saturday Still a left-cross, still the fault of the driver, still use intersection protocols to mitigate the damages and still needs to get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A KS bike commuter is injured. First payday was a bad day for young bike ride Another left-cross by another oblivious driver puts another cyclist in hospital with broken bones. Intersection protocols to avoid or mitigate, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. At least this time the cyclist survived.

More on that NC case where the driver that killed a cyclist is getting off without even a conviction on her record. Cycling Community Outraged With DA’s Deal For Woman Who Hit, Killed Katherine Shubert

A little bit more on the FL wreck that killed a cyclist earlier this week. Cyclist Struck And Killed In Thomas County The road where the cyclist was hit was just awful, with the shoulder completely ruined for bike travel with full-width rumble strips from the fog line all the way to the grass…

More on the moron that hit a cyclist with what is now known to have been a daylight-visible blinky light on the back of his helmet. Wisconsin: Chippewa County sheriff says driver who killed bicyclist had been at bar I love a pun. I am doubleplus unlove with this driver.

OK one of the weirder stories I have linked to. Groupon offered in memory of cyclist killed in Old Town

Last link is Lifestyle from Dallas. Dallas pro cyclist commutes by bike I look forward to seeing her in kit during my trips around the lake.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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