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Still fighting the eye business, and the Feed

Things are getting interesting with the eye whatever-it-is, infection or allergic reaction. I’m not sure how it happened but somehow I woke up this morning with the eyelid glued open. I can’t even hypothesize on the mechanism that created this, but I woke up when my eye started to hurt from getting dried out. Before I could close the eye I had to pry it apart and clean out the “eye boogers” on the lids. The good news is that I took an allergy pill and the rest of my symptoms cleared up temporarily. So while the eye looks to be an infection of some kind, everything else is an allergy.

Mrs. the Poet is off her work for the summer of removing the flavor from the food she serves to children in a middle-school cafeteria in Dallas, and we are waiting for the mail to run so we can see if a package I’m expecting has arrived. When the mail runs then we take a shower together. (Hee hee, just to save water during the extended drought!)

A cyclist appears to have run a red light in NYC. 25-Year-Old Cyclist Killed By Two Taxis In East Harlem The description of the vehicle direction of travel for the weapon vehicles and the victim’s vehicle makes it pretty clear that the cyclist ran a red light. Intersection protocols to avoid (special attention to watching the traffic signal) and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And don’t run red lights.

Another link to the story about the young man getting hit-and-run by a semi in PA. Bicyclist injured after tractor-trailer hits him in Mechanicsburg This is from a local news outlet to the wreck and indicates the cyclist was hit from behind rather than in an intersection.

How long do you think it will take this to get spun as the cyclist’s fault? Fort Collins patrol car hits bicycle, rider seriously injured and Cyclist Injured After Police Officer Hit Her also Fort Collins cyclist hit by police cruiser suffers serious neck damage This should be treated the same as hitting a jogger in the sidewalk as the wreck was in a zone where cyclists are allowed to ride on the sidewalk. Intersection protocols to avoid, and the infrastructure was obviously deficient if cyclists are in the sidewalk rather than in the street.

An arrest has been made in the death of a cyclist. Woman arrested in death of bicyclist near Stanley and BIKE CZAR Fourth Bicyclist This Year Killed This is the driver that abandoned her disabled vehicle and called for a ride back to the tavern she had been drinking at for hours prior to hitting the cyclist. I was disappointed to read that the driver made bail and is back on the street.

Update on the story of a hit-and-run in AZ. Man appears in court charged with fatal hit-and-run I can’t believe they are actually charging the driver with murder in this case. That makes 3 cases in the last month in AZ where the driver has been either charged or convicted of murder in the death of a cyclist. I guess they searched social media for statements about bicycles on this one because I didn’t see any DUI charges.

A nasty situation in West Canuckistan. Cyclist’s neck injured by wire stretched across Saanich trail and Update: Cyclist injured by wire hanging across hiking trail in rural Victoria My take is that someone used stuff lying around to create this booby trap, despite what LEO said.

A cyclist has a run-in with a bus driver during Bike Week in the Great White North. Cyclist says bus driver injured him during Bike Week Drivers of multi-ton killing machines should be more even-tempered than this…

The spoiled brat son of a billionaire gets community service and a nearly half-million dollar fine for killing a cyclist while driving drunk. Billionaire Eike Batista’s Son Will Appeal Manslaughter Charge In Death Of Cyclist Crush his $1.3 million car with him in it, very slowly. He was driving drunk at high speed in a residential area on surface streets, the sentence is ludicrous.

A teen cyclist is hit by a semi while out training with his national team. Teen cyclist killed during training in Terengganu Not much to say on this one, the cyclist was practicing pack riding when one hit a pothole and took a couple more out and this rider went under a trailer in the oncoming lane. Since this was a practice session for pack riding my usual admonitions about not riding in a pack are mooted. Other than segregated infrastructure I have no way to avoid this wreck, and pack riding on a bike path (particularly the kind we get in the US) is considered a faux pas, if not outright illegal.

Legal Infrastructure! for Aussie cyclists. Car buffer zone considered to boost safety for cyclists and motorists and Cycle group backs Qld bike law review

Ghost Bike dedication and memorial for rider killed in April set for tonight RIP, cyclist.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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