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Still waiting on a package, and the Feed

I bought some books last week from an online vendor and have been tracking the package online, right up to when it was delivered to the local post office and tagged as “to be delivered in 1-2 days”, on Wednesday. If the package is not delivered today that means it will have spent more time in my local post office that the rest of the trip combined, because if it is delivered today it will have spent as much time in the local post office as it spent on the road. Let me recount the journey so far: The package was loaded onto the departing trailer the night of 6/2 and left the Lincoln, NE warehouse the morning of 6/3 to be accepted in Omaha NE at 0742 sorted and sent on at 0925. It hit the transfer station in Lenexa KS at 1309 and departed at 0253 6/4. From there it went to another transfer station in Wichita KS arriving 0652 and departing 0751. Next transfer station was OKC OK arriving 1108 and departing 1457. the next transfer station was all the way in Dallas arriving 1834 and departing 0329 on 6/5 bound for the Mesquite center a few miles from my house. It got to Mesquite, a short bike ride from my house, at 0402, and then was sent to the Post Office 3 miles from my house at 0706 arriving there at 0945 6/5. The tracking ends there. So my books have been held without bail at the local post office for 3 days with no notification as to when they will be released…

Health matters: my eye is getting better but now I have discharge from both eyes… If anyone knows about an OTC antibiotic I can use on my eyes I would appreciate a note. My allergy meds seem to be keeping pace with the pollen, if I take a pill when I go to bed I sleep fine with nothing blocking my nose. Other things I’m taking meds for are proceeding as they should.

An IL cyclist is hit by a semi. Chebanse boy, 14, struck, killed while riding bike Assuming the report from the truck driver is accurate intersection protocols would have helped avoid the wreck. I could not locate the town in Google Maps so I can’t comment on the topography of the intersection, but as the article described it as a “rural town” I’m going to assume that there was plenty of room for a bike path to the school that would prevent a child on a bicycle from having to cross a road with semi-trailer traffic.

More on the cyclist hit by two taxicabs going opposite directions in NYC. Bicyclist struck, killed by two taxis Just the mechanics of the wreck tells me that the cyclist was most likely running the red light. Don’t do that.

A young KS cyclist runs a stop sign and gets hit. Boy suffers minor injuries after bike collides with car There should have been a slow speed limit at the wreck scene which may have contributed to this being a scary incident rather than a tragedy. This would be shared space with a very low speed limit under the Dutch model with a 18 MPH (30 km/hr) speed rather than the 30 MPH speed of the road the driver was on.

What happened in Vegas will apparently stay in Vegas as there is almost no information in the link I found on this wreck. Cyclist injured in northeast Las Vegas crash At this point all I know is it was an intersection wreck, so use intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another wreck with near zero information, this time in NJ. Bicyclist injured in crash with sedan in Ridgewood Apparently he was hit by the MIB, because aside from the black car ain’t nobody knows nothin’. The picture shows the cyclist got more damage than the bicycle, and also that the wreck was in a residential area that would be shared low-speed space under the Dutch model. The location implies hit-from-behind as it was before the intersection, so apply those protocols and slow motor vehicle traffic way down to prevent.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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