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Lots of stuff and still waiting on that package that should have been here last week, and the Feed

Things are looking very busy today, there are tons of reports in the Feed folder in my e-mail, and that box of books I bought that should have been last week is still MIA as I compose this sentence but the mail hasn’t run yet. Yep the box that should have been here Thursday is still MIA on Monday. I am very protective about my printed reading materials, especially when the total cost was over $90… The UPS center is about 8 miles from Casa de El Poeta in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell and they handed off to the USPS Wednesday morning of last week. I’ll let you figure out how long that has taken to travel that 8 or so miles assuming it gets here today. EDIT TO ADD It did not make it today meaning it has taken more than 5 days for a package to get from one adjoining town to the other.

More on the cyclist hit by a hit-and-run driver fleeing cops in NYC. Cyclist Seriously Injured After Hit-And-Run Driver Struck Him While Fleeing From Cops and Hit & Run Driver Took Out A Cyclist & Light Pole But Remembered To Pick Up the Dry Cleaning This brings the story up to date as to why the driver was being an idiot (besides the fact that he’s an idiot). There was no way to avoid the wreck for the cyclist, and since the idiot in control of the WMD damaged a building I don’t think anything short of a massive barrier would have prevented the cyclist’s injuries.

A cyclist in NJ is injured by debris from someone else’s stupid wreck. 2 Brick men killed when car strikes tree, police say OK the original report hd the cyclist hit by the front end of the car after it separated from the rest of the car, but now the report is the cyclist was hit first, then the tree that caused the front end of the car to separate from the rest of the car. Still no way to avoid this and no way for infrastructure to prevent the wreck. The driver pulled a Forest Gump (stupid is as stupid does), and the cyclist suffered for it.

An OH cyclist apparently ran a red light. Cyclist seriously hurt in crash The description of the wreck implies either a very low-traffic intersection or a cyclist crossing on a stale green. Or the driver could be lying. Anyway intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. As this was physically near a large institute of higher learning there should have been bike infrastructure there already.

Another case where murder charges are being brought against a driver that hit a cyclist, this time in CA. Coroner identifies cyclist slain in fight with driver The cause of the fight is still not known, but the cyclist was trying to leave when the driver hit him from behind, then got out and kicked the cyclist (a report I can’t link to said the driver kicked the cyclist in the head). The driver is now charged with 1st degree murder (again from the report I can’t link to). As for avoiding, this was a murder, a human cyclist could not have avoided the wreck.

Most of the story is behind a paywall, but there is enough I can read to know that this was an infrastructure-caused wreck. Naperville man injured when bicycle flips over The front end slid out in loose gravel, that is one of the definitions of a wreck caused by bad infrastructure. I’m going to assume the gravel was road aggregate from the road the cyclist was riding on at the time of the wreck which is basically invisible until you hit it at which time it’s already too late to avoid the wreck.

Another CA wreck that has an appearance of a deliberate act as 2 cyclists are hit. Police: Woman bicyclist struck and killed by teen driver in Pleasanton and Cyclist killed by car in Pleasanton identified Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. I suggest that as part of that infrastructure the standards for driver’s licenses be raised considerably as the current standard does not weed out drivers that can’t avoid hitting another vehicle in front of them in the road.

Another CA wreck. Cyclist Seriously Hurt in Novato Crash Not much here to chew on, intersection wreck so intersection protocols may apply. I don’t know if there was anything that could have been done to the infrastructure that would have prevented the wreck because of the lack of information.

Still in CA we get a SWSS. Oakley: Bicyclist killed in traffic collision another link Bicyclist Dies After Being Hit By Truck In Elk Grove Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid remembering that trailers cut to the inside of a curve behind the towing vehicle. Get the infrastructure right to prevent.

I think anti-bike bias pervades LEO in the entire state of NY, not just the NYPD. Bicyclist Seriously Injured On Lakeshore Blvd The cyclist was severely injured while riding along a major road and they don’t think a motor vehicle was involved? Are they really that stupid? Buzz job, use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And word the wording worders that can’t recognize a hit-and-run unless there are car parts strewn about the crime scene even with a severely injured victim.

Justice of a sort in the UK. Lorry driver jailed for death of cyclist on A18 The driver had a dirty windshield that he could barely see through at the tie of the wreck. Also this is extremely rare that a driver gets any jail time for killing a cyclist. Most of the time the offense is treated like a littering charge because the driver failed to remove the cyclist’s body from the side of the road.

A hit-and-run in South Africa has a better ending than it looked like it was going to have. Bakkie smashes into cyclists in Cape Town Translation, a bakkie is what they call a pickup truck in South Africa. The sole uninjured cyclist managed to get someone to chase down the weapon vehicle and get the plate which led to an arrest. Hit-from-behind wreck, but as it appears at this time to have been a deliberate act I don’t know that a human cyclist could avoid it, get the infrastructure right to prevent. As a hint the weapon vehicle should be shredded and recycled first… in any wreck with a vulnerable road user.

A wreck in Oz. Cyclist Maria Defino who died after being struck by a car in Pagewood had a ‘heart of gold’ and Cyclist killed by car in Sydney’s south-east also Cyclist killed in Sydney accident even Cyclist killed in Sydney road accident still more Cyclist killed in Pagewood, in Sydney’s south not done yet Woman killed as cycling couple hit in Sydney road accident last link Woman dies after car hits cyclists Apparently a hit-from-behind wreck at a choke point caused by a parked vehicle. Protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. There was some concern in the early links that the driver may have been impaired by infirmities of old age.

The legal infrastructure for the state of KS. Bicycle Rules Of The Road Unless you can connect the ID of a comment to a person involved in a wreck with a bicycle I suggest not actually reading any of the comments. More Of pedals and petrol Much better article. No comments left.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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