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Short post because not much left over from the late post yesterday, and the Feed

First up, customer service for the vendor I bought those books from almost 2 weeks ago sent me a nice e-mail saying they couldn’t track my package either once USPS got their hands on it, but that I should expect it yesterday. I got that message after the mail had run without my package. If I do not see my package today I’m going to request the vendor give me a physical description of the package so that I can go to the local PO and ask for a physical search of the facility. I have nearly $100 worth of reading materials floating around in a USPS facility somewhere in the Metroplex, and I want them in my possession. Unless my package fell off a conveyor somewhere and can’t be retrieved the only other explanation that makes any sense is someone stole it for some reason. And even that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, because why steal stuff from a random package? If it is beginning to sound like I’m a little obsessed about this it’s because I am. I don’t get to buy a lot of stuff. It takes me months of thinking about the purchase and squirreling away the funds or waiting for funds to arrive, and then I wait in dread that something will happen to my purchase in transit. This particular purchase I have been thinking about for several years, so you can imagine the buildup I have been experiencing.

Another hit-and-run assault against a cyclist in CA. Teen bicyclist hospitalized after Anaheim hit-and-run; driver sought The cyclist was visible to drivers after the wreck, which means he had to have been visible before the wreck if the driver was looking. The bike looks like it was hit from he left side which means that head and tail lights would not have been visible but the white shirt and reflectors on the bike should have been visible, had the weapon vehicle been using the headlights. I don’t know enough about this wreck to say what procedures may have avoided or mitigated the wreck or if infrastructure would have prevented it. The Street View of the crime scene shows a road that certainly needs some bike infrastructure as it is an arterial surrounded by mixed-use zoning with commercial on the street backed by residential one street over in either direction. More Teen Bicyclist Injured When Struck By Hit And Run Driver

A right hook in VT. Police: Cyclist injured after slamming into car The video showed a bike lane but Street View showed that bike lane was for the intersecting street. VT has a strict AFRAP law that forced the cyclist to stay in the right even when moving near the speed of motorized traffic, making this wreck pretty much inevitable sooner or later. anyway intersection protocol to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

More information on that kid hit in an intersection in ND. Child reportedly on life support after bike accident in Hettinger, N.D. The intersection is no being described as uncontrolled, meaning a third-grader might believe he had the right of way when entering the intersection before the motor vehicle. He may very well have had the right of way.

Two cyclists are critically injured in LA. Two boys seriously injured in Tulare bicycle crash Local knowledge from a comment left on the website stated that this is a “stroad” with a high speed limit through a residential area and that drivers routinely exceed the generously high allowed speed. Infrastructure caused wreck, fix to prevent.

A SWSS in the Great White North. Cyclist injured in Oshawa accident The Google Maps view of the crime scene showed a road with 1 lane in each direction, making the narrative of the incident physically impossible. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent, and stop believing cockamamie stories from the person that just injured someone with a deadly weapon.

Also in the Great White North a cyclist is hit-from-behind while trying to make a left turn. Cyclist seriously injured after collision in East York The Street View shows 2 lanes in each direction and no turn lane in a heavily residential area, so the cyclist may have entered the lane in front of a vehicle without giving the driver time or space to stop. This is a special subset of intersection protocols, you have to change lanes well in advance of when you need to make the turn to make sure you get a big enough gap in traffic in the other lane to make a safe lane change.

A lifestyle article and update on a wreck in AZ. GHOST BIKE DEDICATION TONIGHT FOR SUN TRAN DRIVER KILLED RIDING TO WORK The driver was in jail for a while, and may still be in jail AFAIK.

and those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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