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Quick post between jobs, and the Feed

I have a couple of gigs today that will get me a small amount of $$, so the blog post will have to be jammed between the two. Mrs. the Poet has made two trips to the chiropractor and is showing great progress with her leg issue, the arm issue not so much but then the arm was much worse. My issues have not been addressed by a chiropractor yet, but I need to see one about my back issues from the wreck.

My package has been found. My package made it all the way to the local PO where it was rejected as “undeliverable” for some reason. Then it went back to NE by very slow boat (considering the vendor is land-locked 😉 ). The vendor is understandably unhappy because they paid for delivery that didn’t happen and their merch was floating around the countryside not being delivered for almost 2 weeks. So, if things work according to plan I will get my stuff Monday or Tuesday. I will be ecstatic.

A CA cyclist is hit-from-behind by a driver merging on a freeway over the bike lane. Bicyclist suffers rib and skull fractures I don’t see how the cyclist is supposed to avoid this wreck given the built infrastructure that has the motor vehicle crossing over the bike lane as it accelerates to merge with the freeway traffic. This combines the worst of an intersection right hook with a hit-from-behind wreck because a cyclist is very unlikely to be able to see the signal that the motor vehicle is turning while that vehicle is behind because he will be busy looking at the vehicles in front of him that might do the same thing and driver over him from the side. This one is 90% bad infrastructure, and maybe 9-9.5% on the driver leaving almost nothing the cyclist could do to avoid the wreck because the situation sets up too many threats for the cyclist to be able to asses and avoid every one every time. Get the infrastructure right to prevent it’s the only thing that will work.

Tragic update to a wreck in ND. Child hit by car dies I don’t care that the cyclist was very young, he was still in the intersection prior to the van, he had the right of way. Right of way rules are not variable dependent on the age of the participants, the bicycle was in the uncontrolled intersection first which gave him the right of way over the motor vehicle. Intersection protocols to avoid, and as this was an uncontrolled intersection in a residential area the only infrastructure changes would be a very low speed limit and laws that make the motor vehicle at fault as an intruder on the environment. More Hettinger boy dies after bicycle-van collision

A truck driver kills a bike rider on a charity ride. Charity bike rider struck, killed by truck I don’t know how the back wheels of the trailer hit the cyclist, I have a suspicion but nothing I can state as fact. I suspect the rider was on the inside of a sharp right curve and that the truck driver was in the center of the lane with the tractor unit and did not realize that his trailer would track over the cyclist’s lane position. For the cyclist this would be completely unavoidable as the main part of the truck passed close but safely and then you get hit but the rear wheels of the trailer. A painted bike lane would have been useless in preventing this wreck without increasing the radius of the turn to keep trailers from tracking into the bike lane. The only thing that could prevent a similar wreck in the future would be a barrier protected bike lane with a Jersey Barrier, or banning tractor-trailer units from that stretch of road. More Athenahealth-Watertown employee killed during first leg of Trek Across Maine ride and Waltham man bicycling in Trek Across Maine fatally struck Friday by tractor-trailernot done yet Trek Across Maine cyclist dies in collision with tractor-trailer in Oxford County still more Trek Across Maine cyclist killed in tractor-trailer accident Friday last link Trek Across Maine cyclist dies when struck by truck

A hit-from-behind wreck in MI. 51-year-old female bicyclist struck and killed in Hopkins Township Not much to say about this one, protocols to avoid or mitigate results, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Make hitting a vulnerable road user from behind a criminal act rather than a civil penalty, or make hitting a vulnerable user from behind prima facie (sp?) evidence of passing too close with a huge fine in the thousands of $ when the vulnerable user dies, in addition to any other charges that might be brought, like DUI or driving without a license…

A wreck in CA that is hard to describe. Bicyclist killed in freak accident Two trucks collided when one ran a red light and knocked the other truck over on top of the cyclist as she proceeded with the green. This falls under the broad category of “pinball” wrecks, where a cyclist is hit by a second or third vehicle involved in a wreck, but the “usual” progression of those wrecks is the smaller and lighter vehicle is directed into the cyclist, not a dump truck. The cyclist had zero chance to avoid this wreck, and the only thing infrastructure would have done is change the weapon vehicle to the one that ran the red.

Police in NC are looking for a white weapon vehicle with heavy front end damage after a deadly hit-and-run. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run in Wilmington The cyclist was dead at the scene in spite of heroic attempts at CPR by trained bystanders. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. These links have later information. FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Vehicle believed involved in fatal hit-and-run found and Arrest made in fatal hit and run

Another hit-from-behind wreck in West Canuckistan. Cyclist killed near Kamloops As of the posting of the link relative lane positions were not known, but the direction of travel was. Given the number of cyclists hit on that highway every year and that it is the only east-west route through for hundreds of miles you would think that there would be a parallel bike path out there, maybe used to keep opposing directions of traffic separated in the median with flyover ramps to access and exit. More Champion masters cyclist killed

An unusual wreck in the UK. Cyclist knocked into river by mobility scooter calls for urgent safety improvements It’s not every day you find a mobility scooter on the bike path, and even less often that one knocks you off a bridge. I don’t think there are any protocols for this user taking his half out of the middle and forcing the cyclist over the guard rail.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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