I forgot I was moving books today, and the Feed

I forgot I was supposed to be helping someone move books today, so I’m getting another late start on the blog. At least the AC was working, even at the low level it was set to. I admit that 81°F doesn’t sound all that cold, but compared to the outside temperature and the inside of the storage space 81 was chilly. I’m still trying to rehydrate from all the sweating I have been doing.

That kid hit a half-mile from my house has died. Bike Friendly Garland Facebook page I blame this death on previous city council’s zoning and planning that allowed a highway in everything but name to be placed in the middle of a residential area. And there’s another one just like it a half-mile away in another direction and the two intersect less than a quarter-mile from the wreck site.

A wreck just down the road from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell makes steam come out my ears. Driver admits taking Ambien before striking firefighter The cyclist was hit-from-behind in the bike lane, so use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And dig a deep hole to drop the “driver” into so I don’t find him… More Affidavit: Man who hit firefighter took sleeping pill

A wreck with no details in CA. Cyclist killed in collision with van in Carson Other than the age of the victim LEO seem to be sitting hard on this one. Intersection wreck from the few details released so far, so intersection protocols to avoid, and as (almost) always, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another CA wreck with lots more information. Cyclist Claims Police Officer was Distracted During Crash Drivers don’t look for anything on the roads smaller than a Mini, especially coming the wrong way, which this cyclist did. But apparently the LEO was also breaking the law but since the cyclist’s offense overrides the driver’s, no charges will be filed against the driver

A wreck on OR gets paired with a restaurant review? Cyclist injured in hit-and-run; critics choose best North Portland restaurants: North Portland news Somewhere in that long list there is a reward being offered for the scalp of the hit-and-run driver. Here’s a real link. Reward offered for hit-and-run driver who critically injured cyclist

An OH cyclist gets hit running a stop sign. Teen seriously injured in car-bike crash “But Opus, how can you be sure the girl ran the stop sign and not the driver?” Because there was an Ohio Driver’s License examiner in the passenger seat who said so, that’s how. And if the driver taking the test had run a stop sign and hit a little girl then that would be an automatic fail, or the examiner could lose his job. Intersection protocols to avoid, especially the bits about following traffic controls. It doesn’t look like infrastructure changes would have had any effect on preventing this wreck.

A double hit-and-run in VA kills a cyclist. Friends remember father of three killed in double hit and run I’m not 100% certain about the mode of this wreck, but it appears the state of VA has been handing out CDL with taxi endorsements in breakfast cereal, instead of the usual method of Cracker Jacks boxes.

A cyclist in MI gets killed when she gets hit from behind. Hopkins woman on bicycle hit and killed in car crash Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, getting the infrastructure right including getting the idiots out from behind the controls of WMDs to prevent.

Another MI cyclist gets $45K for injuries sustained when he was riding on what looked like a bike path. Kalamazoo City Commission approves $45,000 settlement with man injured riding bicycle at Spring Valley Park The man was riding on what looked like a winding path through the park when he hit a cable stretched across the pavement and was severely injured. The pavement has been removed.

Well that was thoughty of them. American Lung Association retires number of cyclist killed in Trek Across Maine This was the cyclist that died after being passed by a semi as he took a drink of water.

A cyclist in the Great White North gets hit with a car. Cyclist hurt in collision with car And at the moment we don’t know who made the statement that the cyclist failed to stop, as the investigation is continuing. Anyway intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Cyclist seriously injured after colliding with car

A UK driver invokes the universal get-out-of-jail-free card in the death of a cyclist. ‘I didn’t see death mile bike victim’ Truck driver’s inquest claim as mother of cyclist Paula Jurek looks on All charges against the driver of the WMD were dropped after the driver made this statement… More Cyclist Paula Jurek family’s two years of hell as legal case collapsed on eve of trial

More UK “justice”… Careless driving fine branded ‘ridiculous’ after cyclist injured Might I remind people that this fine is less than the fixed penalty given for cyclists riding on the sidewalk without hitting anyone?

Speaking of which, why is a cyclist hitting a driver an automatic assault charge, but the other way is an “accident”? GBH charge after Oxford road rage attack in which motorist hospitalised in row with cyclist The comments are amusing with this one.

Your Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, interrogative, moment for the day. Family apologises to driver who killed son Their son was killed by a driver and they apologized to the killer.

Once is not enough so here’s a second Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, interrobang moment as the media rediscovers that people get hurt mostly by motor vehicles when riding bikes. Bike accidents cause of 86,000 head injuries in 2009 and Head Injuries from bike riding also Riding a bike causes more head injuries than football, baseball Where this “study” goes wrong is every cycling injury is classified as sports-related. That would be like classifying every motor vehicle wreck as “sports related” because of NASCAR…

Infrastructure! news from Oz. Mary Safe – mother of Olympic cyclist Amy Gillet who was killed in Germany – wants Bill making it an offence for motorists to drive within 1m of cyclists. This is roughly the same as the 3-foot passing laws in the US, except with fangs instead of gums.

And those are all the links that gave me fits tonight.

Billed @€0.02, Opus

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