Another rush post, and the Feed

I have a gig helping someone move again today and my last RPG session tonight before I depart for my vacation, and I need to set up my Warlock6 for the new adventure we are having (our huge party has split up into several small groups to try to take down a gang that is interfering with the local couriers’ guild and disrupting commerce and I’m going undercover in the guild with the help of potions that increase my long-distance speed to 25% faster than my normal sprint). So I have a couple of hours before the moving gig that I’m going to use to post the blog.

Update on the ND wreck that killed a kid. North Dakota Highway Patrol releases name of boy killed in bicycle accident The kid was turning left, and the intersection had obscured sight lines. So if the kid is in the middle of the intersection and can’t see the van or vice versa, shouldn’t someone be getting a ticket for overgrown landscaping? There is an odor of dead fish about this one. More Boy killed on bicycle in Hettinger remembered

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike comes more information about a head on wreck between a bike and a car. Jacksonville police identify bicyclist killed in Sunday crash The motor vehicle pushed the cyclist into the side of a house and crushed him. I think the person riding salmon probably wasn’t the cyclist in this wreck. This puts this wreck into the “not avoidable by human cyclists” category, and probably not too affected by bicycle infrastructure, either…

Another head-on crash where the cyclist wasn’t doing anything wrong, this time in IN. Man dies after crash on bicycle in Elkhart County Wednesday Again this falls under that “not avoidable by human cyclists”. It should also be stated just to make the obvious even more so that even wearing a motorcycle helmet will only make it possible to have an open casket at the funeral. You will die in a head-on wreck with a motor vehicle moving at highway speeds even if your head is completely unharmed.

A cyclist in Northern Ireland is still off the bike approaching a year after his wreck. Cyclist Noel still recovering months after being hit by car Intersection wreck that shows even if you do everything right someone making just a small mistake in a motor vehicle can change your life forever.

E-assist in the UK. Electric bike championships in Bristol this Sunday

Last link is to a video from a bike chain in the UK that is very funny. Every so often, it’s time to remember why we get on our bikes again and again. Well done Halfords. Thanks to BikingInLA for the link.

And those are all the links that gave me fits this morning.

Billed@€0.02, Opus


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