Daily Archives: June 29, 2013

I’m blogging from a bus, and other things

OK first up the “broadband” connection is about as fast as dialup, but #1 for this blog post that’s plenty (at least until it comes time to use the proofreader) and #2 I have internet from a moving vehicle. Just the reality of #2 from a perspective of 10 years ago is mind-blowing.

I’m creating this post from the second row of seats on a northbound Greyhound bus somewhere in Northern VA, I think on I95. I can’t see out the front of the bus and reflections off the inside of the windows keep me from reading the road signs, so I’m basing that assumption on what I can read of the signs on the roads we cross, with one thing consistent being signs directing people to I95. It’s kind of hard reading signs when the first time you can see them they’re almost edge-on to you at 60 MPH.

This is an unsecure access point, so I’m not getting into my e-mail to get the Feed. But I figure live-blogging a trip on a bus should be adequate compensation for no bike wrecks.

Speaking of wrecks, I’m just about physically and emotionally recovered from the one I had trying to get away from the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. I can’t feel the scuff on my elbow when I run my hand over the impact site and the PTSD attack is long over. The anger is almost sort of contained about how I was treated during the post-wreck process, let’s just say that there are a number of GPD that need “re-education” about bicycles on the road.

Ok, it’s a bit hard to type this because of the traffic making the bus driver constant,y tap on the brakes, but we just crossed over into Maryland (MD) now.

More to come…