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I’m sort of back on line, and yesterday’s Feed

I’m finally connected to a DSL modem (they still use those?) so I can access my blog. The Bus WiFi I had between NYC and my final destination had my site blocked for some reason so I couldn’t live blog the last leg of my trip, sorry. Not much to tell about except I kept seeing NY State Bike Route signs posted nearly everywhere directing people how to get from A to B on their bicycles without having to detour through points C through Z at random. So NY state is doing better than NYC, at least by appearances. And for those of you that PM’ed me earlier I’m doing well after the minor wreck, even though it put to lie the statement that “in a fender bender with a bicycle, the bicycle rider goes to the hospital while the car goes to the car wash”.

I’m not doing all the Feed since Thursday, sorry, just what has posted in the last 24 hours. I do have to think about my sanity, what little there is left of it… 😉

Up first because that’s where it was in the folder is a report from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 9 years running. Bicyclist struck by SUV, critically injured There seems to be a lot more to this story than was in the report, but the report is bad enough as it is. Hit-from-behind while riding off the side of the road, then hit-and-run. Use the protocols to avoid if that had been possible, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. From the comments one thing that needs to be added to the infrastructure is some method of preventing drunks from driving, either mandatory breathalyzer interlocks on every motor vehicle, or mandatory confiscation of the vehicle when caught DUI.

A minor wreck with no details in CA. Bicyclist hit by car in downtown Manhattan Beach The bike did not look badly damaged in the picture of the wreck scene, the description of the wreck tells me nothing about the mode of the wreck or what the cyclist could have done to avoid it. The article did say the cyclist was trying to avoid the weapon vehicle when he was hit, so it may have been a case of the cyclist zigging expecting the car to zag, and the car zigging also. One thing I can tell from the picture is the impact was mostly sideways as the front wheel is slightly pringled.

A wreck in MI leaves a dead cyclist in its wake. Car Kills Man, 82, Riding Bicycle Near Kalamazoo Another one of those driverless cars on a killing spree… The linked article Bicyclist killed on Gull Road has a SWCC getting killed by a suspected speeder. Intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Lifestyle article from FL. Update: Memorial bike ride to raise awareness for drunk driving prevention I have repeatedly stated that drunk drivers’ cars should be shredded, with the driver inside if the wreck kills someone…

Another helmet article that quotes the “85% reduction in head injury” statistic that has been refuted many times. Though not required by law, helmets proven to prevent head injuries

A CA newspaper takes the recent racing wreck that killed a rider in San Diego as an opportunity to berate cyclists about road safety. Bicycle Safety: Preventing Serious Accidents and Injuries Yeah, I don’t get it either. Do they have articles on how to drive safely when someone gets killed during a race at a race track?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. There could have been more but I just wasn’t up to 13 more pages of links in the folder, the six I did go through were quite enough.

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