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Internet is hard to find out here, and the Feed

OK where I am now has Internet problems. The house I’m at has DSL and when I try to do the blog from there I get knocked off-line by…? I haven’t been able to stay connected to the edit page there long enough to even start a page since I posted last time, and that one I had to walk down to the library to finish the post and make it live. And the library Internet is only turned on while the library is open, which is not every day and not very long when it is open. But enough kvetching about things I can’t change, it’s long past time to do a post.

Up first because it’s local to WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. The Mother of a Bicyclist Run Over by Cop Car is Suing Dallas Police I don’t think the collision was deliberate, but I also don’t think the cop was above using the car to “slow down” the cyclist. The problem is doing a “PIT” on a cycle (with or without a motor) is assault with a deadly weapon. It is using the car as a weapon to cause the other vehicle (in this case a bicycle) to go out of control. And any reader of this blog knows that motor vehicles can be deadly in contact with fragile human flesh and bones.

Also near my home. Grand Prairie cyclist killed in early morning accident I rode in Grand Prairie just a week before I went on vacation, but I have never ridden in Pantego (that I recall). Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The driver was violating the Basic Speed Law when he hit the “invisible” cyclist (still a good idea to have reflectors and lights on the bike). More Man on Bicycle Hit, Killed in Pantego

Bad day for links From TX. Cyclist injured after colliding with SUV Houston wreck, apparently if you aren’t drunk and don’t leave the scene you don’t get charged, which is typical in most car/bicycle wrecks.

Still in TX but farther away a hit-from-behind wreck in San Antonio. Friends honor cyclist killed by suspected drunken driver Another case of a driver hitting a bunch of cyclists (we have several of those links today) so hit-from-behind protocols don’t really apply, and I don’t know if infrastructure would help much either. The driver not getting drunk and then driving would have gone a long way towards prevention…

Outcome of an earlier wreck in AR. Cyclist dies from injuries in Arkansas wreck This was the wreck that a driver hit a group of 13 riders and put 7 in hospital, and now one is dead. Hit-from-behind wreck with no way to avoid it (there were 13 bikes in the group and the driver didn’t stop until 7 had been hit) and I don’t think infrastructure would have helped much without a barrier to keep the weapon vehicle separated from the cyclists. IMHO the driver should be facing murder charges now.

I go years without ever seeing a wreck like this and now I have 2 inside 6 months. Bicyclist’s injuries serious after collision with motorcycle Intersection wreck, remember to treat driveways as uncontrolled intersections and yield right-of-way to through vehicles. Since the wreck was witnessed by an impartial (hopefully) non-participant that reported the positions and speeds of both vehicles I’m not going with the SWCC label on this one. This wreck was in KS.

How about that, you can get a ticket for passing a cyclist unsafely when you almost kill them… in IA. Sheriff’s: Car Strikes Bike in No Passing Zone Seriously Injuring Rider Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid and LEO did what was needed to prevent a future wreck by arresting and ticketing the driver. More Mount Vernon bicyclist seriously injured after being struck by car

A wreck in MD. Cyclist Injured After Crashing into Parked Car in Easton This sounds like this was similar to a right hook wreck from the description, either that or the cyclist was totally spaced out. I can’t say how to avoid this until I know how much time elapsed between the driver pulling over and the cyclist coming through the rear window. If it was just seconds then the right hook scenario was in play, more than a minute and the space cowboy scenario is likely.

A cyclist is killed in a hit-and-run with a car going “ninja”, and they caught the driver. Minneapolis police make arrest in cyclist’s death This was not a wreck a human cyclist could have avoided. The car was speeding and running without headlights and ran a stop sign as the cyclist was crossing the street the car was proceeding on.

Another hit-and-run in NC. Cyclist killed in Durham hit-and-run Hit-from-behind, the driver obviously didn’t care, protocols to avoid and much stricter license requirements to prevent along with automatic loss of license and weapons charges (or equal severity in sentencing) for driving without a license.

And yet another link to a cyclist riding with a group getting hit. Ill. bike rider dead, 4 injured after hit & run How do you hit 5 cyclists and leave the scene? Charleston man facing charges in vehicle-bike accident You drive dead drunk, that’s how… Biker dead, 4 injured after hit-and-run

Not that we need one, but there is a new Ghost Bike in the Denver area. The latest ghost bike is a haunting reminder for Denver drivers This was a cyclist that “hit a curb” and “fell into traffic”. Or if what I think happened, happened the cyclist was buzzed and hit the curb from her startle response, then was buzzed again and run over.

A terrible story from CA. Daughter Of LAPD Sergeant Arrested In Fatal Hit-And-Run You would think the daughter of a LEO would know better than to submit a false police report. You would also think the LEO would know better than to obstruct a public sidewalk… (see the video).

Another horrid report from CA. Man accused of intentionally striking bicyclist with car in Monrovia This just reminds me too much of my own run-in with a psychopath behind the controls of a motor vehicle. There is no avoiding anything even remotely like this, and bike infrastructure would have to be barrier protected to have the slightest chance of preventing it. As for other forms of infrastructure, the guy is 19 and was DUI, 2 years before he could legally buy alcohol. Do you think tougher laws would be respected by this waste of human skin? (Thanks to BikingInLa for the links, you can click the link in the sidebar to connect to the blog).

Another hit-and-run this time in WA. Bicyclist injured in hit-and-run crash near Renton Nothing on the mode of the wreck as they found the cyclist bleeding in a ditch, but it seems likely that hit-from-behind was the mode given that the wreck was on a dead-end street/road. he fact that the wreck was on a dead-end also makes it more likely that the driver and weapon vehicle will be found.

A SWSS wreck in Canuckistan. Cyclist killed in highway crash and Cyclist killed in Montcalm was from Roseau River: RCMP Notice that the only witnesses to survive were inside the weapon vehicle, and that LEO believed every word they said. The comments were respectful and restrained, they must all be Canadians 🙂

A serial assault against cyclist in Jolly Olde. Third cyclist pushed off bike by car passenger in silver BMW Three serious injuries from the same car, if they don’t file assault charges then it should be assault with a deadly weapon… cars can kill.

A chargeable wreck in Enn Zed. Man charged over crash that killed cyclist This in conjunction with an unsafe passing maneuver that hit several cyclists.

Infrastructure! news from the UK. British roads are safer than ever unless you are a cyclist Duh. The safety improvements are coming as cars become more like tanks, and people aren’t changing.

More infrastructure news from Jolly Olde. How many more cyclists must be killed by lorries? Legislation is long overdue

LifeStyle article from WSJ on cargo bikes. Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon My personal cargo bike is not as elaborate as those, just a slightly modified RANS Fusion with kitty-litter buckets bolted to the rear rack instead of panniers.

Last link is to the launch of the Nissan Electric Endurance racer. Nissan Le Mans Garage 56 – ZEOD RC LIVE REVEAL – 21st JUNE, 2013 Electric cars in endurance racing, whodathunkit? So far EV technology has been competitive with IC racers for sprint events as battery technology just has not been capable of maintaining the output for the time required. Since it has the “od” I’m assuming this is a plug-in hybrid. Also it looks like a coupe version of the Delta Wing racer.

And those are all the links that gave me fits, I’m out of here.

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