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I’m managing to find more hot spots, and the Feed

Starting off-line again today because no Internet until 1900. It’s strange how things work around this small NY town. Actually I found a hot spot that I could log into at just before 1500, so things are looking good today.

In my haste to get on “paper” what I was thinking about yesterday I neglected to share happy news. Well sort of happy and sort of bad but bad in the good way. I will have to buy new “skinny” pants, because I have now dropped another pant size. Not all of them mind you, I can still keep most of my pants north of my butt (because I have a cyclist’s butt that sticks way out) “but” I will still have to replace some of the pants that I don’t have a belt narrow enough to go through the belt loops, and those that have no belt loops and were starting to fall off before. Anyway that’s a rather roundabout way of saying I went from a 38 waist to a 36 since the last time I went clothes shopping, which makes me wonder where the 6 pounds I gained in the last 4 months came from or went to on my body.

The good thing about this trip is I’m not getting bombarded with trips to everybody’s favorite “all you can eat” restaurants. “Not bombarded” to the point that I have been here almost 2 weeks and I still haven’t been taken to any “all you can eat” places. When I’m riding every day or nearly every day I don’t mind going to a glutton fest type of restaurant, but since I’m in NY and the bikes are all in TX I’m not so much “into” the big eating thing, because I’m trying to maintain the gains I have made from riding my bike. See the previous paragraph for an example of “gains”.

That’s not to say I haven’t had a lot of really good food so far on this trip, because I have. Really good tasting food and more than adequate supplies of same. I have been staying with some really good cooks here… not counting Mrs. the Poet who I came to accompany on this trip. She’s cooking, too, and she’s a really good cook (and I don’t have to say that because she never reads my blog) but it’s nice to not have too much food forced on me. There are times when I like a good “pig at the trough” buffet, but too many days in too short a time are too much.

A wreck I didn’t even know about when it happened in Austin. JAMES SHEPHERD RECOVERING FROM SERIOUS INJURIES Buzz job, hit-from-behind protocols were applied but unfortunately there was road furniture in the escape route and the cyclist was seriously injured. Infrastructure might have helped, stricter licensing requirements and making losing a driver’s license easier would have helped prevent this wreck.

A right hook caught on camera in San Antonio. Caught on tape: cyclist hit, hopes to raise awareness I don’t know if it was a reflex reaction or if the struck cyclist reads my blog, but you can see him turning right to mitigate the impact right before the truck hit him. This is a legal infrastructure issue as the driver was not even paying attention to the traffic in the lane next to her(?).

Update on a CA wreck from earlier in the week. Ontario police search for hit and run driver who killed Pico Rivera teen This was the kid that was left for as long as an hour bleeding in the street after a hit-and-run.

A MN driver nearly embalmed in alcohol at the time of the hit-and-run faces assault charges. ‘You hit my baby!’: St. Paul driver who hit bicyclist arrested, police say Good luck avoiding a driver that pickled behind the wheel (almost 3 times the legal limit and almost 5 times the proposed 0.05% limit). I’m not sure a driver that drunk could respect a line painted in the road and the crime scene was in a residential area that would be a shared space in the Dutch bike infrastructure model, so the only way to prevent a wreck like this would be to prevent people from driving drunk by either technology (ignition interlock) or by taking the car away from a convicted drunk driver.

A WI rider is injured. Bike rider injured after collision in Hales Corners Another salmon cyclist wreck. To avoid ride with traffic, to prevent find a time machine and kidnap the guy that started the whole idea that bikes are just slightly faster pedestrians and should act like pedestrians. Seriously, that guy, whoever he was, has probably killed and injured more people than Jeffery Dahmer, Son of Sam, Ted Bundy, and the Zodiac ever even contemplated.

A MT rider didn’t clear the intersection in time. Cyclist hurt in Missoula motorhome crash Another case where the only one still at the scene to give a report was the guy driving the weapon vehicle… Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A bad wreck in OR. Bicyclist critically injured in SE Portland collision LEO have not released the mode of the wreck or even a precise location, but at least one witness had to be hospitalized, and that was an on-duty LEO. This reminds me of what Alice said.

An IL rider is killed in a wreck that was not described. Community Volunteer Killed While Riding Bicycle and ‘Every city needs somebody like him’: Fairview Heights man struck, killed while riding bike Actually the wreck is described as a SWSS in the second link that I hadn’t read when I posted the lede. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and make hitting a cyclist from behind a crime instead of something LEO give you commiseration for to prevent.

Another KC wreck. Man riding bicycle killed in KCK collision This reads very much like the wreck I saw yesterday but without enough information to tell them apart. Intersection wreck, so protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike takes an important step towards relinquishing that title with this sentence. Lakeland Woman Gets 9 Years in Death of Man Struck While Crossing U.S. 92 This is a wreck I have been following for a long time and I’m very glad to see that a measure of justice has been done. The comments on the article are another breath of fresh air I don’t usually get from FL for bike/ped wrecks.

But 2 steps forward and one back as a cyclist waiting to cross a road is hit and killed in FL. Truck hits, kills bicyclist in Tamarac Not even in the same road as the weapon vehicle when he was hit. Not even moving, I don’t know how a human cyclist is supposed to avoid a wreck like this. Infrastructure wouldn’t help either because the driver could not properly use the existing infrastructure without killing someone not even in the road so how would putting down a few stripes of paint help?

A FL wreck that no human cyclist could avoid nor infrastructure without a barrier prevent. Bicyclist killed in Palm Coast crash Wednesday The driver was not identified as drunk, so either on the phone or a deliberate act to kill the cyclist. I sincerely hope the driver was on the phone. More A 63-Year-Old Woman Cycling Up U.S. 1 Is Killed in Collision With SUV Near Belle Terre

A wreck in West Canickistan. Driver comes forward in Burnaby hit-and-run death Well so much for being able to establish the driver’s state of sobriety nearly 2 weeks after the wreck. Hit-from-behind wreck, protocols to avoid, and requiring drivers to pass a psych exam for sociopathic tendencies to prevent.

A UK driver blames the cyclist he hit driving the wrong way on a roundabout for the pedestrians he hit on the sidewalk. ‘Sorry. I panicked’: Kingston town centre crash driver says cyclist spooked him I really don’t know what to say about this idiot…

Legal Infrastructure! news from NYC. Does The NYPD Think Bikes Are More Dangerous Than Cars? No just a hell of a lot easier to pull over.

A bit of infrastructure news from two towns over from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Playing up safety: Plano Bicycle Association launches cycling safety month I don’t know the other guy, but Mike Keel knows his stuff. If you’re local enough you should attend this meeting.

Last link is why we all should be riding our bikes. Picture of a person riding a bike

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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