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Wandering from hot spot to hot spot again, and the Feed

Fun times today while I was waiting to find Internet access. We went to my niece’s farmhouse, that used to be my wife’s grandparents’ farmhouse and my wife and her sister did some tidying up (with a Cat D-9, I think it was 😉 ) while I built a trampoline for my niece’s children (not real sure what to call the children of my niece, I’m sure there is a word for them but it escapes me at the moment) and one of their friends. Building the trampoline was… interesting. The hardest part was installing the first 12 springs out of the 36 that supported the mat, after that it was a breeze putting the springs in. The assembly instructions said this was a 2 adult job, but I managed with myself and the 3 under-10s with the little guys acting as my balance to keep the tramp frame from chasing me or flipping over when I installed the springs. I wasn’t real happy with the design of the tramp frame as it was held together almost completely from the tension of the springs on the mat. Without those springs a child could take it apart.

More on that wreck in Austin I posted about earlier this week. BMX Legend Seriously Injured In Bike Accident Still the same advice as before.

More grim news from Austin. Pedestrian, cyclist deaths continue record pace Just don’t read the comments. I got sick for you…

I’m not sure which Newark this wreck took place in. Mother, Son Riding Bicycles Hit By Car In Newark Just for consistency I’m going to assume the paper and the wreck were in the same state. Intersection wreck that happened after the cyclists had already entered the intersection and established right of way so protocols would not have helped, and the driver failed to use the existing infrastructure properly so physical infrastructure would not help, but changing the legal infrastructure to get incompetent drivers like the driver of the weapon vehicle off the roads might do the job. More Update: Mother, 5-Year-Old Struck By SUV While Riding Bikes

Update on an OR hit-and-run. Police offer update on serious injury collision on SE Division/122nd This is now a SWCC wreck per the police report… Intersection wreck, protocols apply. And get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another wreck in OR. Cyclist hit by car, injured Another SWCC wreck but there is the strong possibility the cyclist actually did run the stop sign. Intersection wreck, yada, yada, yada, Infrastructure, yada, yada, yada… How many times do I need to post that combination?

More from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for the last 9 years running (longer than I have been doing this blog in all of the servers/services I have been using). Jacksonville cyclist killed in Palm Coast crash Wednesday I think I covered this wreck yesterday.

More on the UK moron attacking cyclists from the passenger seat of a sliver BMW. Push cyclists are targeted by rogue motorists I would be more than willing to bet that “3” is probably low number and the real number is much higher.

Infrastructure! news from WI. County to pay $70,000 in cyclist’s lawsuit

Lifestyle in MI. Widower leads 1,500 bike riders honoring victim of Traverse City hit-and-run crash It’s great to see that many people assembling for a common cause, to not get killed for riding a bicycle. More Traverse City hit-and-run: ‘Ghost bike’ reminds community of crash that killed Kelly Hurlbert

Bicycle lifestyle CA style. Vigil held for Enochs student who was struck, killed on bicycle

The fun kind of lifestyle article from Portland (where else?). What to expect at the Disaster Relief Trials Sounds like the “hard” kind of fun. Enjoy.

A lifestyle article from the Great White North. Ghost bikes are placed in memory of those killed while cycling I’m not sure about the ghost bike for the guy killed by the train, but if it reminds cyclists to not try to beat the crossing arms, it’s a winner. And since the crossing has been malfunctioning cyclists need to be reminded of this even more.

Attacking the wrong end of the problem WI style. Bike patrol keeps cyclists riding by the rules And I love the comments at the end where people quote the actual statutes involved that completely contradict the statements made by the LEO…

I’m just going to post the link to this Daily Spews article that is obviously a massive troll. Riding a Citi Bike or MMA fighting: Which is the greater danger? And another of the same tenor. Medical Experts Weigh In With Their Citi Bike Safety Tips

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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