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After visiting Lady Liberty, the Feed

Getting a late start tonight as I spent all day in NYC on a visit to the Statue of Liberty. The trip was interesting starting with a train ride from Poughkeepsie to the City and a ride on the subway as far as it would go, before we had to get off and walk the rest of the way (construction, not a breakdown). We got off at Brooklyn Bridge station and walked to the Battery Park to catch the ferry to the Statue. There was a minor bomb scare in the gift shop while I was trying to use the bathroom, and I ended up having to walk the long way around the Statue to reunite with the rest of the party on the trip. We took the Audio Tour and I learned stuff about the Statue I didn’t know or remember, so it was worth the time to take the tour. Unfortunately the tickets to actually climb the Statue were sold out weeks in advance so nobody in our party got to go inside. NYC was typical NYC with the first bike lane I saw having an NYPD car parked unattended in it just past an ice cream vending truck, also parked in the bike lane…

Not too far from where I was today a drama was acted out in a hit-and-run. Janice Montalvo, of Centereach, pleads not guilty in hit-and-run that killed Port Jefferson Station man Unlicensed driver kills, to me that is pure and simple murder same as if a person in illegal possession of a firearm kills with the firearm. Without a driver’s license you are in illegal possession of a deadly weapon, a WMD to be precise. Intersection wreck but it’s not sure if the protocols would have been much help as there is strong indication the driver was exceeding the speed limit and possibly ran a traffic control. Infrastructure needs to include confiscating the vehicles of people caught without a license and destruction of same (driver or car, take your choice 😉 ). This changed considerably since the link was placed in my Feed folder this morning as they had not caught the driver then. More LI bicyclist killed in hit-run and Police arrest Centereach woman after hit-and-run in Terryville

A salmon cyclist is killed in PA. Bicyclist hit by car, killed in Hays Cyclist riding against traffic still doesn’t explain why the driver could not avoid an obstruction that was clearly visible in front of them. Don’t ride salmon and drivers need to look where they are going.

What was originally identified as a pedestrian turns out to be a cyclist in OH. Woman killed at Darke Co. intersection ID’d Hit-from-behind wreck with driver injury and a cyclist that was dead at the scene, this to me suggests excessive speed for conditions and quite possibly just massively exceeding the speed limit. Not sure if hit-from-behind protocols would have helped considering the speed and lighting conditions. The sun would have been about 45 degrees above the horizon but there still could have been some glare from the hood to distract the driver. Anyway infrastructure that got cyclists away from speeding motor vehicles and possibly a barrier would have prevented this wreck. So would driver’s license standards that made hitting anyone from behind automatic loss of license with complete retest (road and written and eyesight) required to reinstate, with a 4 year probation after (one moving violation while on probation is automatic revocation for 10 years).

A IL child is critically injured by a hit-and-run assault. Boy Riding Bike Critically Injured In Hit & Run Accident The weapon vehicle was reported to possibly be speeding on a road in a residential area that already had a speed limit that was too high for people to share the space with motor vehicles. No mode given so I can’t say how to avoid, but getting the infrastructure right and reducing the speed limit to something compatible with human beings would probably prevent another wreck.

An IN cyclist is hit by oncoming traffic while lane-splitting. Bicyclist hit by car is seriously hurt OK this one is simple enough, don’t lane-split on the left side of the inside lane. Since lane-splitting is required in AFRAP states they can’t say that riding to the right of congested traffic is illegal even though some drivers will attempt to block your progress when you pass their stopped or slowly moving vehicle.

Another wreck in Portland OR. Man severely hurt by collision with garbage truck on SE McLoughlin (updated) OK cyclist trying to cross a high-speed highway through a mixed residential/commercial area gets left hooked in a crosswalk. ordinarily a cyclist in a crosswalk has the same right of way as a pedestrian but since this cyclist was riding faster than walking speed that went out the window. From the description of the wreck and intersection a pedestrian would have been in the same boat as the cyclist, though. To fix, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure. More Cyclist injured in crash with garbage truck in SE Portland Interesting second wreck in that TV report with a driver injury.

And speaking of that second wreck in the previous paragraph… Cyclist, driver injured in NE Portland crash Cyclist reported to have rolled a stop sign, but the driver injuries point to excessive speed on the part of the driver in this wreck, so lots of blame to throw around. To avoid don’t roll stop signs with visible traffic, to prevent well there’s the driver’s excessive speed to contend with that clearly shows the existing infrastructure is inadequate for the conditions and needs to be calmed.

A serious wreck in West Canuckistan. Cyclist hit and run The helmeted cyclist had serious head injuries (Canuckistan has a mandatory helmet law). Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent. Get rid of helmet laws to prevent drivers from acting fools around cyclists.

Lifestyle article from IN. Riders form bond in annual ritual

Last link is a plethora of e-assist goodness. E-Bike News: Super E-Cargo Bike, Pope Gets E-Bike, NY Times & WSJ Coverage, & More [VIDEO]

And those are all the links that gave me fits tonight.

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