Why can’t I give money away, and the Feed

Still waiting to hear from Rowan about where to send her check for winning the art contest last month and when to post the picture. It’s just a little frustrating to have money to give someone who honestly earned it and can’t when I get an average of 10 requests a day from politicians for campaign contributions for elections that won’t take place until 2014 or 2016…

Update on a PA wreck that was just a “person killed riding bike” story last week. Bicyclist Struck By Vehicle, Killed In Hays and Hays bicycle crash victim was former Pittsburgh firefighter Helmet use in this case was moot as there were cervical injuries that would have been fatal with or without a helmet. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, don’t ride salmon, and make hitting a cyclist from behind a crime along the same lines as assault with a deadly weapon as part of the legal infrastructure to prevent. The interesting part is the cyclist called in to his home and left a message that he had just been in a wreck after being run off the road just minutes before the wreck that killed him.

A NY cyclist hits a parked car during a triathlon. Police: Seneca County triathlon competitor dies The rider may have been in the aerobars at the time of the wreck restricting his forward vision. Not much I can say about this one except to watch where you’re going when you ride and make sure that there are no cars parked in the course when you run a cycling event. More Final Day of Triathlon Dedicated to Fallen Cyclist

The STP (Seattle To Portland ride/race took place over the weekend and was not as smooth as it could have been. 2 bicyclists injured in separate crashes during STP ride and STP cyclist hit by car near Roy Not much given in the way of information in either wreck, one involved a car with no other information given, and the other involved a curb on a median. But 2 minor injuries out of more than 10000 riders is a pretty good average.

An OH cyclist has a wreck on a “brakeless” bike. Boy on bike strikes moving vehicle I don’t know if the kid was riding a BMX bike or a fixie, because there is a huge amount of difference between them. Many BMX bikes have brakes removed for riding in Vert contests in pipes, because accidentally hitting the brakes while riding a pipe can get you killed. These bikes should never be ridden on the street or anywhere except a skate/BMX park. Fixies on the other hand have brakes but they are the same thing that makes the bike go forward, the cyclist’s legs. Anyway, intersection protocols to avoid, infrastructure to prevent, and that other stuff about brakes to also prevent.

A MD cyclist is hit crossing the street with the right of way. Boy on bicycle hit by car What I got from the article was the child was crossing with the right of way and the driver was not watching where he was going when he hit the cyclist. Intersection protocols might have helped avoid this wreck, but drivers watching where they are going is the only thing that will prevent a similar wreck, because all bicycle infrastructure sooner or later has to cross a street or road used by motor vehicles.

Update on a VA wreck from May. Man charged in hit-and-run that injured two Charles City cyclists The standard Poetic Justice in this case would be slightly difficult as the weapon vehicle was a semi that would not fit in a standard car recycling shredder.

A cyclist on a Bike Share bike is hit in the Great White North. BIXI cyclist in hospital after colliding with car The cyclist was crossing the street from the bike-share to the bike lane going his direction when he was hit apparently because he didn’t yield to traffic already in the street. Intersection protocols to avoid, and pretty much the same thing to prevent because the appropriate infrastructure was already in place.

More from the Great White North on a different wreck. Cyclist dies of his injuries after hitting bus Nothing on what happened aside from the cyclist hitting the bus in the side on a crossroad, so intersection protocols to avoid, infrastructure to prevent. Somebody failed to obey a traffic control device.

Still in the GWN a cyclist is killed in a hit-and-run. 19-year-old cyclist dies from hit-and-run injuries Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. This wreck was so violent that broken spokes littered the road for several yards from the impact site, indicating a vehicle that as exceeding the posted limit by more than a fair margin.

Lifestyle in NC. ‘Ghost bike’ memorial remembers Vidal

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. Programming note, I’m about to hit the road again as I am leaving the quaint little burg with no service for my cell phone and intermittent Internet for the Music City on the next leg of our vacation. Mrs. the Poet and I will be on the Dawg bus for 23 hours travelling through PA, OH and KY on our way to TN.

Billed @€0.02, Opus


2 responses to “Why can’t I give money away, and the Feed

  1. Barry Leonard

    Opus,a friend of mine was killed in myrtle beach last week and I cant find anything out about it. It was a H/R cant find out if they got the perp.I love your site and read it to much if you know what i mean.Keep it up.All though I wish you didnt have to.


    • Opus the Poet

      I think I found a link to the story last week, did you find it? And was that the right person riding a bicycle?


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