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Blogging from the Cleveland bus terminal, and the Feed

Yep, it’s a technological infrastructure marvel, I’m online from the bus station in the home town of Yehuda Moon. I still haven’t seen Yehuda, but as he is a cartoon character that’s understandable 😉 ETA I got 3 links posted from the terminal, now posting from the bus to Nashvegas 🙂

A cyclist is right-hooked while riding on the sidewalk in South TX. Bicyclist injured when struck by SUV Sidewalk cyclists are a major indicator that your bicycle infrastructure sucks or doesn’t exist. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid, and get that infrastructure fixed to prevent. Drivers paying attention when they turn right would help matters considerably… but this is TX where “right on red” is almost considered a civil right 😛

Apparently assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder are just peachy keen if the victim is a cyclist, in CT (who am I kidding, attempted murder of a cyclist with a motor vehicle is peachy keen in most Anglophone jurisdictions). Hamden woman ‘intentionally’ drives into woman on bike with child in car, police say Driver went across traffic to hit the cyclist head-on, not the kind of wreck a human cyclist can avoid. I don’t know that there is any kind of infrastructure that can prevent an insane person from driving across traffic to hit a cyclist without a concrete barrier. That the driver is being held on a $5K bail for an attempted murder is flat-out disgusting.

A DE cyclist was found on the side of the road and assumed the victim of a hit-and-run. Bicyclist injured near Frankford, flown to hospital No mode, so no way of saying how to avoid, but I would bet my last dollar that infrastructure would prevent the wreck.

A NC cyclist is killed in a head-on hit-and-run. Burlington man dies in car, bicycle collision Not much more than that at this point. The fact that they didn’t say the cyclist was riding against traffic says much. The fact that comments are disabled for this link as I post this says more. At this point it does not look like this was a wreck that a human cyclist could avoid, but the right infrastructure for the area could have prevented the wreck. Maybe.

I’m not sure if the driver or the rider was leaving the gas station where the wreck happened in MI. White Pigeon teen struck while riding bicycle recovering from injuries Every driveway is an intersection with a potential wreck waiting to happen, so intersection protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent, although I’m not real certain what kind of infrastructure would prevent a motor vehicle operator from pulling out of a gas station and either cutting off a cyclist or running right into one, or if either of those scenarios was the mode of the wreck.

A cyclist is hit in NE. Cyclists Injured In Lincoln Crash At the time of this posting LEO had not released the mode of the wreck, and I don’t know if the picture is of the victim’s bicycle or a stock picture tacked on to have a picture of a wrecked bicycle. Comments of course are blaming the cyclist for being there to get hit…

A IL child cyclist is injured. Girl, 7, stable after car hits bike While I hate the “darted in front of the car” narrative it does seem likely given the age of the victim and the fact she was trying to catch someone driving another motor vehicle (her father). Still she was in a residential area where drivers are supposed to be vigilant for children using any mode of transportation.

A child in Las Vegas is blamed for his wreck with a motor vehicle in a residential area. Boy on bicycle is hit by truck, critically injured Apparently the LEO involved are unaware of the Dutch model for bicycle infrastructure that has residential areas as shared spaces with most of the liability for avoiding child cyclists placed on the drivers of the deadly weapons used as transportation.

Update on a fatal hit-and-run I posted yesterday from the Great White North. 18-year old charged in fatal hit-and-run crash I’m encouraged by the fact they caught the driver and found the weapon vehicle so soon, and still angry that there will be no toxicology rests to determine any state of impairment due to the amount of time elapsed after the wreck. Another link to the original wreck. Cyclist killed in early morning hit and run

A wreck in the Great White North with considerably less damages than the fatality in the previous paragraph. Cyclist injured in Huron Church collision One thing that bothers me is it’s against the law to ride on the sidewalk or in crosswalks but there is almost no safe cycling infrastructure provided in Canada, so where are the cyclists that are not strong enough or brave enough to mix it up with motor vehicles supposed to ride to get where they are going? This is definitely an infrastructure-related wreck.

Still in the Great white North a cyclist is hit from behind by a driver that went off the road. Cyclist seriously injured after being struck by car At this point the reason why the 86 YO driver left the road has not been established, but a wreck like this is almost impossible to avoid by a human cyclist.Not sure infrastructure would help unless it was either well away from the highway, or segregated by a large barrier.

A bit of Lifestyle from CO and IA. After brain injury, woman is riding to recover As a survivor of a somewhat less serious brain injury this report was riveting for me to read.

Lifestyle and Infrastructure! from the Great White North. Husband of cyclist killed in P.E.I. begins cross-country trek

Last link, sometimes good things happen to you when you help a cyclist… Dave Matthews hitches a ride from fan to his Hershey show

And those are all the links that gave me fits this morning.

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