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Blogging from a techie paradise, and the Feed

I’m at my friend Zen’s house right now reading e-mail and composing this post with my laptop connected to a WiFi network that is faster than my laptop, surrounded by obsolete but still-working equipment that cost thousands of dollars new but is now nearly worthless except to the guy running it. I love coming here…

A child cyclist in PA gets hurt while riding. Youngster on Bike Injured on Grove Street One thing I found encouraging about this report is they discussed infrastructure and the reality that little kids are not paying full attention to their surroundings when they are playing.

A very strange report from WI. Bike Vs. Car Collision Results in Zero Injuries, Police Say The narrative of the wreck had the kid riding off the sidewalk and into the back of the car waiting to make a left turn, unless they are using the definition that the “back” is anything behind the B pillar there is a whole lotta unanswered questions about this one. At any rate this is an intersection wreck, use the intersection protocols to avoid and … Infrastructure? Education? Witchcraft? to prevent.

Another WI kid is hit. Bicyclist hit by car receives minor injuries The article claims the kid failed to yield right of way, but there is a big stop sign visible in the picture of the wreck scene on the street the weapon vehicle was travelling on. That means there is a 95% probability there is a similar sign on the other side of the intersection for the direction of travel of the weapon vehicle, and somehow the weapon vehicle got up enough speed to hit the cyclist at the sidewalk and drag the bike many feet past the intersection, or maybe the driver ran the other stop sign as the kid was crossing the intersection. Anyway, it’s an intersection, use the intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Since this was a residential area the driver should have been driving as if he was carrying a loaded weapon with his finger on the trigger and the possibility of killing someone at any moment.

Another DE wreck near DC. Bicyclist injured in Frankford, Del. hit and run I’m not sure if this was an update or another wreck with a very similar narrative but in a different location than the wrecks I linked Monday and yesterday. Anyway, hit from behind so those are the protocols to avoid the wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent a similar wreck.

More on that kid getting hit on a bike from Las Vegas. Vegas boy badly hurt in bicycle-pickup truck crash Still the same story a driver going too fast for children to play outside their homes in a residential area manages to hit a kid.

Update on the cyclist that ran into a motorcycle last week. Bicyclist dies of injuries sustained in motorcycle accident This was the wreck that an outside witness claims the cyclist pulled out in front of the motorcycle with not enough time or room for the motorcycle rider to avoid the wreck.

From the Great White North a cyclist is killed where a bike path crosses a major road. Cyclist killed in Brossard crash At this point LEO are trying to determine which vehicle was running the red light but partial blame is apparently being applied to the driver of the weapon vehicle for speeding, according to one witness that left information in the comments section. Infrastructure only works when it is used properly. Whenever I post “infrastructure would prevent the wreck” I’m making the assumption that it will be used correctly unless I make the statement that the existing infrastructure was not used properly. Anyway this was an intersection wreck, so the protocols would be appropriate to use. More Cyclist, 56, killed on Brossard bike path

One could almost forgive the assumption that Canadian drivers were out to get cyclists after reading this article. Three cyclists hurt in separate accidents A door prize, a right hook, and crashing to avoid hitting a pedestrian. Two infrastructure wrecks and a wreck into infrastructure.

A bike wreck in South Africa. Cyclist killed in East Rand truck accident Nothing on the mode of the wreck but I don’t find the report that the cyclist was dead before emergency responders could arrive.

Infrastructure! news from SC. Signs, enforcement needed after recent bike-pedestrian collision on Cooper River bridge One thing demonstrated by the article is the relative non-lethality of the bicycle as a mode of transport, 3 wrecks and only one hospitalization for longer than overnight and zero fatalities.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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